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When two destinies cross, the latter as they say is the result. A story of a sea princess who was sent away from her kingdom just because she was said to be the next Goddess of the sea and given a law by her mum not to love or she will lose her life. Things happened over the years and she loses her life. Now a ghost she seeks rest for her soul and destiny leads her to a male who can see ghosts. And who also has a deep secret behind his existence. Will he accept to lead her through the journey to freedom and battle all that will face him? Who is the young boy? Will there come forth a relationship between them? A fight for love, throne, and power. A story full of mysteries and adventures. Sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy.

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What an Interesting story...loved it
2022-09-06 18:19:00
user avatar
nicely written, kudos!
2022-09-03 15:46:24
user avatar
This book is definitely one of the best I've every read. from start to middle,soon I'll end it..........
2022-08-14 22:38:41
user avatar
Beautiful written.... .love every bit of it!!!!!
2021-12-12 23:21:46
user avatar
Wow! I can't stop reading this book. It's just wonderful.
2021-12-10 05:23:44
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Phoebe Ruth
I love this. This is one of those books you can't easily put down because you keep wanting to know what happens next.
2021-12-09 17:56:12
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S.E Dymek
love the way its written. lots of action that flows smoothly from chapter to chapter. good story line and strong characters.
2021-12-08 11:51:54
user avatar
Good novel
2021-11-01 20:18:25
user avatar
Seth Wordsworth
The author knows how to captivate his audience with wowing scenes!
2021-10-18 18:19:49
user avatar
Dave white
All I want from you is more author, more ...️‍...
2021-10-18 18:09:14
default avatar
Beautiful storyline. Kudos.........
2021-08-18 15:50:31
user avatar
So interesting ...️ Nice characterization can't wait for more updates ...
2021-08-10 22:02:56
user avatar
Beautifully written. Amazing characters and nice diction.
2021-08-03 20:17:39
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Mary Ann Adams
Amazing book.Love the plot.A story u should definitely check out
2021-08-03 20:12:51
default avatar
it's such a beautiful pieces, this book took me through imaginative scenes
2021-08-01 20:43:47
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172 Chapters
The sky glistened in its uniqueness as I walked out of my bathroom with a scowl on my face. It's nighttime and I've been trying to get some sleep after a hectic day but it tended to feel like I'm wasting my time. It felt like a force kept disrupting my sleep and it's been freaking me out. It also felt like someone was watching me and yet I don't see anyone, that alone creeped me out and my head began slamming heavily. My cool body felt so hot immediately I laid my head on my bed that after tossing for several hours I decided to go bath cause I felt perhaps, it is because my body is filled with sweat and that's why I'm currently walking out of my bathroom now cause I'm done bathing. Getting to my wardrobe, I picked out a pair of shorts and got dressed then retired to bed. I shut my eyes hoping to be taken by sleep this time around but it never came. I kept tossing and felt so uneasy. My headache increased drastically and I couldn't help but groan out in pain. While still tossing a
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"Because you're a special being and a bridge between the ghost kingdom and human kingdom. That is the mere reason you can see and converse with me and you alone can help me. My soul needs peace so I can rest." I didn't know what she meant by that but whatever it was already piqued my interest. "I'm listening" I whispered, taking a deep breath. "Are sure you're ready?" "Yes, I am ready," I replied. "I've always known I was gonna die that day because I was a gift to my mum from a Goddess, though only I knew about this as I couldn't share such a thing with my mum knowing I'm an only child." "But why were you gifted to her by a Goddess?" "Because mum begged for a child from the Goddess of the sea but what she never knew was that I wasn't gonna live long and I'll be taken away." I was silent for a while thinking of the possibility of such and then I asked her. "Where then do I come in?" "Before then I'll love to make you understand something," she mumbled, her eyes boring into mine
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"I thought I had annihilated my feelings for him but instead, it overwhelmed me. In seconds we were already hugging so tight. And after reluctantly disengaging, he stared at me and whispered; 'can I kiss you, please.' "I hid my face in embarrassment, flushing deep shades of red, and mumbled a low yes to him and we shared a passionate kiss. "At that instant, I realized how much I wanted him and how deeply I loved him. In the presence of the sea, I accepted to be his girl. "That night I had my second visitation. I was in the world of dreams and got shown the future and how I was gonna die. And then a voice let out; 'ON A CERTAIN DAY, ON A FULL MOON JUST AS YOU SAW IN YOUR DREAM, HE WILL PROPOSE TO YOU AND ONCE YOU ACCEPT, THAT WILL BE YOUR LAST MOMENTS IN THE EARTHLY REALM.' "I guess this answers your question of how I knew I was gonna die. You must also have a question about why I was all smiling while I died such a horrible death. I was all smiles because I spent my last days in lo
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Immediately I found myself back in my room and Isabella also appeared. "Isabella" I whispered and for the first time smiled up at her. "Holla Chris. I never knew you were this brave. But that doesn't stop the fact that your life is in danger." "You must have seen everything I guess." "I did and you can just let me be. You can just forget about me because I can't let you die because of me." She lowered her head and shrugged off. Staring at her melted my heart and I strolled toward her. "I can't let you be this way, Isabella. I'll do whatever it takes to make you have rest. Let's leave the Goddess's words and worry about how to get to your guy. This is my fight now. And I promise you that I'll never give up till I conquer." "Chris the sea Goddess has powers and she will do all it takes to see you don't survive." "Then allow me to worry about that Isabella. If I die, I die a hero but I'm never going down without a fight. I am ready. Are you ready?" "I never knew such caring and br
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The driver managed to stop the car but there was no how he could come down to fix the tire. I coughed out hoping to get back myself but instead, it worsened. It felt like a force was restricting my airflow. "Isabella I'm dying" I whimpered, rubbing my nose. "I can't breathe. I can't breathe!" But then a force I don't know how to explain took over me even before she could say anything and I ran out in the rain and uttered in a commanding tone; "My name is Prince Christopher a special being who sees both flesh and spirit, I am the bridge between ghost kingdom and human kingdom and I believe I got some powers so I command thou spirit from the Goddess to Leave now!" Instantly it left. That was the very first time I believed in that adage that says; 'There is power in a spoken word.' But then again, it was still raining and we had to wait for the rain to stop before changing the tire. After which, we took off again. * We arrived at Lagos at exactly 6 pm after all the fights and I co
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"For a moment then, I thought you walked up to my door just to die. Yea, I thought you were dead. But that's past tense anyway, I hope you are ok and what's your name since you already know mine?" "I'm fine Chris and my name is Prince Christopher." "It's nice to meet you, namesake." He smiled. "We need to hurry because we will take a short boat to the beach and grab some more clothes so you don't catch a cold." "I'm not a lady buddy. Stop with the romantic words and gestures." He chuckled and patted me on the shoulder and Isabella winked at me. "What's the name of the beach Allen?" I asked ignoring Isabella. "Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort" he retorted and off we went to his car. "What about shovels Allen?" I asked as we were about to enter the car. "I hid those pieces of stuff there. What we will use to wrap her body is there also, let's just hope soil animals haven't eaten what I wrapped her body with and start feeding on it." "Let's hope so then" I replied and we entered and zoom
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"Show yourself, you coward! I hate beings who are afraid to show themselves and where the fuck am I?!" I thundered at him. "You're in the dream world. And tonight you will fight against yourself." The voice laughed and a figure appeared. My jaw slacked as I stared shockingly at him with wide eyes. Standing before me is a replica of me. It was mere like I was staring at myself. "How is this possible? How can you look exactly like me?" I asked rubbing my eyes to be sure I was seeing right and I sure was! "Because I am you. I am your dark side and this is a dream being played in your head. Whatever happens here, happens in the earthly realm. If you die here you will be dead in the earthly realm but if you survive then you will wake up in the earthly realm too but I doubt you will. You will have to fight me to die or survive," he whispered grinning. "I have no time for this. I am on a mission and time is not on my side. Let me go." "You will have to fight for your freedom my able sel
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"IF WE TAKE HER BODY WITHOUT THE NORMAL RIGHTS DONE, SHE WILL BE BANNED FOREVER. HER SPIRIT WILL ROAM THE FACE OF THE EARTH FOR ETERNITY LEAVING HIM VULNERABLE TO US TO TAKE HIS LIFE BECAUSE HE FAILED HIS QUEST. WE WILL WIN IN BOTH WAYS." "GO NOW AND LET IT BE DONE," the Goddess commanded and they vanished. The light disappeared too. My body was soaked in heat by the time the light disappeared and I lowered my head. "Help me heavenly being. This is not just my fight alone," I prayed silently and rushed to Chris who was still sleeping soundly. "Wake up buddy." I tapped him. "We need to leave now. Our lives and that of Isabella are in danger. We need to take her body away from here now." He woke up the moment I mentioned Isabella and we rushed out carrying our bags. Luckily for us, we packed before sleeping. We were about to enter the car Isabella's body was placed in when they appeared. Yes, the three mermaid Princesses. I saw an expression I could term shock cross their faces an
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"How would I have told you that Isabella died in my arms? You will think I killed her, I was afraid of that." "So you hid such information from me!" She barked, her eyes glaring daggers at him. "You need to be arrested." "Mum, please it hasn't gotten to that," I replied instead. "Please we got a more pressing need at hand." "I'll get this young man here arrested before that," she said and was about to go out but I flared up. "OK! Go ahead and call the police since that is what you feel is the pressing need now! Your daughter needs rest and we got only tomorrow left and you're threatening someone. For your information, I'm a military student from Nasme barracks in Makurdi, Benue state. Even if police officers of 10 police stations and their DPO come here they won't lay a finger on him. Do you even know all we've suffered to get here?!" I growled furiously. "Chris let's go please," I added, already walking out. I feel so pissed. Could have punched her so hard if she happened to be a
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I had expected our journey to be full of obstacles and disruptions from the Goddess but our journey was so peaceful and nice that we arrived at Abariba at exactly 8 Am just as mum said we would. "Firstly, we need to get a coffin," mum said and we searched and got one. But then I felt we were being attacked because after purchasing the coffin none of the people had the sacrificial offerings mum said we needed or if they had none accepted to sell. We tried and tried till it got really late. The time was already 8 pm. We had spent all day long trying to get things but succeeded in getting only the coffin. It was so hurting to my soul. "Thought we told you we will be back. Well, we are back and we came but in a bad luck way," a voice whispered in my ears and I stared around but saw no one. "Mum, can you write the list of the things needed for me" I mumbled, taking a second to look at mum who looked so weary and exhausted. Her breathing wasn't even steady anymore. "But for what son?"
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