The Abusive Man

The Abusive Man

By:  Natalie Roche  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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Emilia Darcy found herself on the run, alone and vulnerable after suffering two years of an abusive relationship.With a new life and a new name,Zachary Evans walks into her life. Unexpectedly Emilia finds herself falling for the rich and handsome businessman but is constantly looking over her shoulder in fear of The Abusive Man finding her and taking back what he calls his.

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Tracy Lynn
which is her first book
2023-03-05 08:56:51
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Debbi Daugherty Acuña
Ms Roche, please tell me if there will be a book 2 with the Austin Arrangement and a book 3 after Penelope? I love all of your books but there is such a lapse between books. It's been months and months since the Austin Agreement and I am so disappointed it hasn't been updated.
2022-04-20 06:01:14
user avatar
Charity Trader
Is author alright. I really enjoy her books, and havent had an update on this ine at all!
2021-10-06 20:34:54
user avatar
Mesha Bestthangunevahad Thomas
2021-03-18 09:58:53
16 Chapters
Liam held my hand in his,as we walked down the red carpet in the long corridor.I looked at him,seeing the smile that was spread across his face. The genuine smile, that's been plastered on his face all day. I was forcing mine of course,just like I always do!! "Ah,Here we are!!"Liam pointed to the hotel room door, before walking over and using the hotel key card to unlock it. The door opened and he walked inside ahead of me."This looks nice,My parents really went all out for us,Didn't they Emilia?"I closed the door of The Hotel and walked further into the room. The better part of it was filled with gift bags from the guests.I lips curved,just slightly."Yeah,It's nice."Liam picked up some Rose Petals from the bed,feeling the texture before throwing them back down. He turned his head in my direction and smiled,extending his arms out towards me."Come here, Mrs Phillips."It's time..The Part of the night that
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I ran down the dark and narrow alleyway, that was littered with trash. My blonde hair that had been styled to absolute perfection this morning, was now a mess blowing in the nights breeze.The September breeze was cold,but the cold was the least of my worries..There was blood on my hands..Blood of the man that I had just married a few hours previous. Blood of the man that has been making my life a living hell for two years.Dead or Alive? I didn't know the answer to that question. I hit him hard enough, but I didn't wait around long enough to find out if I had killed him. I need to put distance between us now,as much distance that I can. Jesus Christ! I don't even know where I'm going to go. But staying here isn't an option for me anymore.In a single bathroom at the bus station, I looked in the dirty floor lenght mirror at myself. I saw the face of a girl I didn't recognise. I didn't feel like the Emilia Darcy that I once knew. Bef
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Waking up in my grubby motel room after only two hours sleep, i let out a yawn.I turned over in bed and looked up at the ceiling seeing a huge stain. It looked like it was from an old leak, this hotel is so run down I'm sure the owner couldn't afford to get it fixed. As I lay looking up at the ugly stain, I planned for the day ahead of me. Claire had called her cousin Michelle and arranged for her to meet me today on her lunch break from work. Supposedly she has somewhere that I can stay and work rolled into one. Given that it's been less than 48hrs I think I'm doing okay so far.I'm doing okay without him in my life. My plan is to make enough money so I can put more distance between Liam and I. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Paris.. Maybe I could go there. I dragged myself up out of the very uncomfortable double bed, feeling exhausted I walked towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. Only having a
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I was laying on my back with my phone to my ear as I chatted to Claire. It's been 2 weeks since I've seen her and that was a record for us. I miss her! I miss our chats!But the two weeks that I've spent in LA have been pretty okay. I've spent most of it indoors except for my walks with Max. But I feel safe in Zachary's home. I like it here."How are you doing?"Claire asked."I worry about you being alone all the time,it's not good for you."I clicked my tongue off the roof of my mouth."I'm okay, don't worry. I have Max for company.""A Dog is not company,Milly. It's not as if you can have a conversation with him.""I chuckled."A dog doesn't argue with me,he's exactly what I need. I feel safe here-In this house. When I'm outside it's a different story.""T
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I was standing in the living room and watching Michelle's boss pace the floor in front of me. He was listening to the ringing on the other end of the phone and there was no sign of Michelle picking up.He was totally pissed!"Michelle,I need you to explain to me why I've come home to find a strange woman in my house.Call me back!"He snapped,and hung up the phone after leaving a voicemail.I was looking at him,bitting my bottom lip in uncomfortableness."Strange Woman?""Don't take it personally,but to me you are a strange woman. I didn't expect to come home to a stranger living in my house."He walked towards the couch and sat down with a sigh.I folded my arms across my chest,not really knowing what to say to make things right. I've been living in this man's home and he didn't even k
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I was stood in the kitchen mixing my second bowl of cookie dough while my first was cooling on a plate on the counter. Of course my thoughts went to Liam,I was remembering all the times that I made him his favourite cookies. I hate that he's in everything I do. Instead of continuing to mix the dough, I threw the bowl into the sink with a rage and it splattered everywhere."Ugh, You're such an idiot!!" A throat cleared behind me,causing me to turn around."That's some early morning rage you've got. Are you okay?"Zachary asked. He was standing in a fitted navy suit that looked expensive,it had a white shirt underneath and a navy tie that pieced his whole look together. How has he managed to
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I heard a noise from my front door and it had me feeling a little anxious. Max ran in that direction and stood waiting the few seconds until it opened. Zachary's face came into view and I felt an ease that it wasn't someone else. "Zachary,Hi."I gave him a polite smile."I didn't think that you would be back for a few days. How was your trip?"I was trying to make polite conversation since I want to stay on his good side. I am living in his house after all."It was fine."He walked towards the kitchen area and set his things down on the counter,before giving Max some much needed attention."I hope he's behaved himself while I've been gone."I chuckled."Yes,He's been well behaved. I think he's a bit tired out now after his long walk."I was watching him from the couch as he made his way around the kitchen.
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I was mid way through my first shift at my new job. Cove was a small bar,that had the usual regulars in day in day out but once it hits evening time it starts to get a little busier..or so I'm told. I liked that it was quite,it was exactly what I needed. Pouring pints wasn't something that I done before so a quite bar ment a little less pressure. "How am I doing,Lynn?"I asked,while pouring maybe a little too much head on a pint. She was observing from beside me. "That's a little too much head,Darling. But it's okay you're doing good,just tilt your glass slightly."She tilted the glass with me and the rest of the pint poured perfectly. "It worked,Great!"Well it wasn't exactly great but I was getting the hang of it. "You're doing well,Kate. How do you like it?"Lynn asked,while setting the undrinkable pint to the side. "Well I thought pouring pints wo
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EMILIAI was walking home late evening after a shift at the bar. At the time I finished I had just missed my bus,but I would rather walk than wait around for the next one. I was holding the phone against my ear,talking to Michelle on the other end as I walked."You know I'm not much of a party girl. Nightclubs just aren't my scene.""I remember you enjoying yourself the last time. Come on,Kate. Come out with me."I found it funny that she was still calling me Kate,even though she knew my name was Emilia. I think it was Michelle's way of making sure she doesn't slip up. I chuckled."Alright,I'll think about it.""Don't think too long.I should go,Doll. I have some tint on my eyebrows that's starting to burn.""Good luck with that. Talk later."I hung up the phone and continued my walk home. It was dark out with pretty much no cars on the road whatsoever. 
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EMILIA That kiss... Ugh, It shouldn't have happened!! I like Zach,he's a really sweet guy when you get to know him. I can't deny the attraction I have towards him too.But it hasn't been that long since I left Liam,it would be a huge mistake getting involved with another man. Wouldn't it? Things are going to be awkward living with him from here on out. It's best that I do what I can and get the hell out of here. Maybe I can take Michelle up on her couch offer. I walked in the front door planning on going to my room straight away. I had even bought some snacks on my way home from work,just so I could avoid him...Well that was until I saw the candles lighting on the table and the red wine chilling in a bucket. Zach was in the kitchen with a cloud of smoke around him. "Kate..Is it that time already? I didn't realise."He coughed, and swung the tea towel in
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