Tom 's departure

That night Tom slept in Evelyn 's room again and nobody knew that they slept together. Like the previous night he left at dawn. They cuddled and kissed throughout the night. Tom took out a cold shower in the middle of the night again but he was happy that he slept next to the love of his life. Ace and Edwin woke up early and prepared themselves for the church.

Evelyn slept again after Tom left her room and woke up at around nine. She bathed and went to his room. She knocked and entered before he could even allow her to enter.

"Who allowed you to come in babe girl? You are becoming stubborn, you want to see uncle naked? Do youwanted to seduce me again?"He teased. She ignored him. 

" Morning uncle" she greeted him. 

"Morning beautiful, wow you are very sensable. I am very impressed with the fact that you took the initiative to come to my room this morning. You are the best. I thought you are afraid of Ace." Tom said as

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