Chapter Ten

Kane glared at the screen on his phone. The P.I. he had hired to look into the young woman had sent him some pictures of her daily activities. She was a busy bee from what he could see. He didn’t know how she managed to have the resources she did. He figured it was because she was well off but he knew that he could be wrong. With a sigh he looked over the information that he had been given and found himself a little perplexed. All the information on her was vague but standard enough that unless someone did some active digging no one would question the validity of the information. However, Kane found himself questioning what he saw. Maybe it was his time in the special forces but he couldn’t help but dig for more information on her, such as her family, friends, teachers, medical reports, and much more. If anything could be looked into he wanted it done and done right. With that thought in mind he went to hunt down the one guy that he kne

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