Chapter 22

Damon King

"Guys, the dates are fixed and the allotted topics. We have exactly a week from now. Levi will mail you the case studies, and the required related articles to our research. The thesis will be circulated now, so before you leave kindly make sure you all collect the copies." I raised my hand in the air with a bunch of papers clenched between my fingertips.

"You can sort your queries with him." I pointed at Levi who directed his miffed gaze at me. Passing him a smirk, I concluded my speech.

"Catch you all soon," I announced to my classmates and handed the papers to Theo to hand out. My fellow mates carried a forced expression of agreement. The seminars and hospital rounds have exhausted us for all it was. And a project for the next three months was a tiring ride. Looking at my obdurate expression they conceded.

I grabbed the water bottle that lay on top of my bench to quench my thirst. I gave my phone a scroll. I spared my attention only to the important messages and disreg
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