Chapter 12 Gunter and Hunter

IT'S 1:05 in the morning. After locking herself up since afternoon, Ara felt hungry. No, she's not hungry just because she felt her stomach ache. It's her putting her fuzzy thoughts into binge eating. She sat open the big refrigerator. It showed her different kinds of food she can eat. Most of them are sweet. She took a liter of triple chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, and a slice of red velvet cake. She ate them silently at the breakfast bar.

Vanluke then appeared behind her. He took the spoon full of ice cream in his mouth that was supposed to be in hers.

She stumbled on her seat trying to get away from him. He did not let her, though. He held her balance on the wooden stool. He pressed his waist between her thighs. His arms snaked around her back. Keeping her from escaping.

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