Chapter 10 - Sarael

I had it up to my chin with this pintsized alpha. I am in no mood for anyone’s bullshit, least of all his. Maybe if he wasn’t John’s brother, maybe if he wasn’t a shorter mountain man version of him, and maybe if he weren’t an alpha, who are notorious for getting their way, I’d feel differently. But he is an alpha, he does look like John, and he is John’s brother. 

For all these reasons, I wish I kept some weapons on hand here at the store. I get that he’s upset. As a younger sibling myself, I understand being protective. But it’s not his business. It’s between John and me. I didn’t get involved in my sister’s relationship troubles. Well, not to this degree. And for what meddling I did, I regret to this day.

As our argument was starting to get heated and I worried Becky would hear us, the door burst open. I was ready to reprimand Becky only to see John’s


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Susan Mills
you're very talented keep up with the great work
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Marry Hell Bgns
One of my best friend (girl) is a thirty something virgin by choice and she’s fine with it I don’t think she’s the only one
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Lenea Hopkins
Damn it Becky! ...

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