Chapter 14 - Yūri

In the days after telling Hibiki who I really am, my father has done everything he can to keep me in the compound. I was put through more training than usual. I didn’t mind that so much. I have a lot of anger to work out. And getting to beat the shit out of my dad’s men kept Kitsune at bay. 

Plus, it made sure no one found out about Hibiki. Dad was livid enough about Trevor and Sebastian. “You bring shame to our family.” he shook his head as I sat at the dining table eating breakfast. “I bring shame to our family? Have you looked in your mirror? Or do you not dare because you know you’ll be looking at a monster?” I scoffed. 

“Say what you like, but I’ve never dishonored our family. Sleeping with those Gai-ko. All I can be is thankful that you’ve not gotten yourself pregnant.” he glared.


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