Two days into the week and drama unfolds in the club as Rachael and Elena have nothing to agree on.

And when they train, Elena secretly enjoys it every time she knocks Rachael against the floor.

Rachael always gets up with new morale to attack while Elena enjoys her failed attempts.

Rachael grunts after another failed attempt to overpower Elena.

“Not bad, but at the pace you are growing you are going to be dead by the weekend,” Elena says.

“I wonder why your mother didn’t bring you to the family a long time ago,” she says.

Rachael glances at her; “She had her reasons and that is none of your business,” Rachael says.

“No need to fight. You look terrible by the way.

I still don’t get you.

Why do you fuck with vampires?

No interesting human in your life?” Elena questions.

Rachael drinks from a bottle and exhales.

“We only train, we don’t talk” Rachael says, putting up boundaries between them.

But Elena doesn’t care.

“Who was the first to tap that ass?” Elena pushes on.

“We know who
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