Chapter 3

Christian's POV

"Mr. Ford, it's a pleasure to meet you. I always admired you," a person approached me "you are a role model for the younger generations for being a successful businessman at a young age ."

I Shift my eyes to the person talking, "Mr. Steel, I'm honed." Mr. Steel is one of the best friends of my grandfathers.

He just nods his head. "Are u planning to shift to the city? Or you'll also stay there only in the woods".

I get stiff at the question, shaking my head. "No, I'll stay with my family in the woods only."

"I don't get your family sometimes. What's there in there that you guys never come and leave in the city".

I just smile at him. "I'll come back in a few minutes" I go towards the balcony to get fresh air.

It's the full moon today. I didn't take my medicine. Well, it slipped from my mind totally. What should I do? I'll just return to my mansion then take my medication. No, I can't leave now. Party is still halfway if I go now…

No, leaving is not an option.

Something came to my mind "right that I can do. I'll do that only," deciding I came back to the party.

Today is a big day my company has accrued the shares from my rival company. This is a celebratory movement. Even though nobody dares to say anything, I'll stay here. I can't just walk away just like that today.

I wait till everyone leaves. My body is reacting to the full moon. Sweat starts to accumulate around my neck and on my forehead. I'm trying hard to control myself.

"Looks like you are not feeling well, Mr. Ford" Alex comes my way.

"Yeah, I didn't take my medicines today" I Slump my shoulder.

"Man, you are in big trouble. How can u forget that?" He stares at me as if I'm an idiot. "How can someone forget that?".

"I know, I just forgot..." commonly, we take a single dose daily, and on a full moon, we take a double dose because the carving for it is a lot stronger than any other day. And I only took a single dose of medicine because I was an idiot and didn't know it was today.

"Let me think, we can ask someone if they have medicine to help you today or..." he stops midway.

I lift my brows at him "you know the other way..." he shrugs.

"Nobody carries them here, Alex, we are far away from woods, and nobody wants others to find out about us" he looks at me apologetically.

"Sorry, man, I can't do anything about that," he shrugs.

I press my lips. It's frustrating. Why did I forget my medicine? And trying to maintain that bossy look drained all my energy. Yeah, I only claim that in front of others to keep them at bay.

"There is a small hotel that we own nearby. I'll just stay there today night then think of something," I tell Alex.

"Yeah, that will be a good idea" he smiles at me.

"Okay, man, see you tomorrow. I'll leave now" I pat on Alex's shoulder, then leave from there.

Entering my BMW "drive to the hotel near woods, I'll stay there today night. Don't let this leak to anyone," I inform my secretary John.

"Yes, boss," he agrees, then starts to drive towards the hotel.

"John, I forgot to take my medicines today. Arrange for someone today" I close my eyes, resting my head in the seat.

"Sure, boss, I'll let the bodyguards arrange for someone when we reach the hotel," he says.

 I just nod my head from where I'm sitting.

"Boss, we are at the hotel entrance" John's voice wakes me up. The tiredness is taking over my body at a faster rate. I rub my forehead with my left hand. There is a slight headache. I know if I don't do something, I'll be in big trouble.

"Before I lose my control, find someone," I tell him before exiting the car. I head towards the entrance.

When I enter, someone comes to greet me. "Hello sir, Do you have a reservation. Do you want me to show you the place?" a girl looking at me with a flirty look "have you booked your table? I'll help you find your table" she comes near me, slightly bowing.

Her shirt's three buttons are openly showing her cleavage. I just look at her for a second and then avert my eyes from her. "I don't need your service" I move from there towards the lifts.

I enter the lift. When the door is about to close, a waitress enters the ride. I couldn't see her face as I kept my head low. I can only see her petite body with the uniform. A fresh smell of rose and sandalwood hits my nose, causing me to lose my control then and there itself.

I fist my hands at my side to stay in control. My neck is socked with my sweat.

"6th-floor, sir," her voice is so sweet it can just hypnotize you. I have never thought I could just lose myself in just someone's voice.

I press the floor number. "Thank you, sir," she says.

I can feel her stare at me, so I try not to move too much. I don't know why I'm acting like that. She is just some waitress working under me.

The lift comes to a halt door opens, she pulls the food cart and exits. She just bows to me until the door closes.

I press the button to open the door. Only after it came to my head that I needed to get out on this floor.

When I exit, I see her back. I look at her until she enters a room. Then I just move towards the space I have in every hotel we own.

I enter my room, remove my jacket, and leave it on the floor. Taking a towel, I enter the bathroom planning to a quick shower before my men find someone to serve me.

I hope to get myself cleaned. I check the water temperature when it is hot enough to shower. Because of tiredness, I just let myself rest my body against the wall with hot water spilling to my body.

I don't know how long I stand in the shower. I leave the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my lower body when I can move.

The same ross and sandalwood smell hit me when I exit the shower. Thinking I must be hallucinating, I just shake my head. But the scent doesn't go away. Instead, it starts to get stronger and stronger as I approach the door. And it's clouding my head. I can't think clearly.

I thought maybe they had sent someone to serve me. If I make a delay, I'll defiantly lose control over my body. So, I just open my door to let the person enter the room.

"Ahh…!!" a girl's body is falling towards me. So, I move towards her to catch her. I hold her slim body in my hands.

When she opens her eyes slowly, I'm greeted with blue eyes, which can mesmerize or, should I say, hypnotize anyone who looks into it.

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