Chapter 6

Elizabeth's POV

When I get up, I look around to find myself in an unfamiliar bed. It's still a little dark outside, and I don't get it at first.

I slowly start to move my body to get up. I yelp at the pain in my lower body.

That's when it clicked. My eyes widen at the realization.

I look down to my body to see if anything is wrong, Praying it's all a dream, but the reality is a b*tch. Last night Tina and her friends drugged me.

WHY… covering my face with my hands, I cry.

I don't know how long I sobbed. When I stop and braise myself, I lift my face to look at my surrounding.

I see my body covered in bruises and bites, questioning my life.

This room is quite large compared to other rooms you have been assigned to clean and check on.

The large bed covers a large part of the room, leaving both sides to walk around freely. There is a couch just in the front of the room.

The floor is covered with carpet. It's very smooth under my feet as I walk around cautiously around the room to look if anyone is present in the room other than me.

 I sigh with relief when I notice no other living being's presence in the room. I see how my clothes are piled up on the floor.

I collect them all and put them on before slipping out of the room. Thank God the hallway is empty.

I notice it's still not the time to get up to start your day. So, I made my way towards the exit to reach my house without any problems.

When I move towards my home, I feel an intense gaze on my back. The prickling sensation sends my mind to high alert.

I turn around in search of the source but find non. It's still dark to see anything clearly, or is it only me.

I stare at the dark for a few seconds but do not find anything. I turn around and start to pace towards the place I call house, but I move fast because of fear this time.

* * * * * * * * * *

I slowly open the front door of my house, trying to not make any noise to wake up others to make my life a hell.

I get into the house and slowly close the door and lick the lock close. I freeze when the lights turn on in the living room.

I slowly turn around to see Tina with a smug look on her face. Behind her is her mother, Linda, with an angry face glaring at me.

If their looks could kill, I would have been dead a hundred times already. Okay, what does she want now?

"Why are you so late to come home?" Tina smirks at me.

"Ohh, you should know why I'm late, don't you?" I shoot darts at her.

She fakes innocence on her face "how would I know? I only met you during my dinner, and when I offered you the ride to the home, you rejected me.

"You said you can get home by yourself," she lies without batting an eye.

"You, Lier, how dare you to say that after you drugged me" I point the finger at her.

"Shut up, how dare you put such a nonsense blame on my precious daughter" Aunt Linda moves forward.

My face stings when she slaps me hard on my chicks.

"She is so concerned that you didn't come home so late that she is keeping me awake to wait for you, and you blame her like that" she lifts her hand to slap me on my other side.

I stay still, not saying a word as she slaps me continuously.

I can feel the metallic taste on my tongue as my inner skin rips at the impact and blood woos out in my mouth.

"B*itch, if you want to go sleep around with whoever you get your hands on, then go do your business elsewhere, not here when you are staying in my home."

"How will my daughter live in the city head held high if you do this prostituting in the city? Who will marry my daughter?" my aunt kicks me on my leg, making me fall to the floor.

Tears run down my face, but I don't utter a word to them, knowing if I do, this will be my last day in this house.

I just have to wait 2 more months to get out of here as I turn 18. I can have a proper job and rent a room to stay in on my own. I don't want a legal guardian then.

Linda yanks my hair to have me face her "listen, will you little wh*re don't you dare go fucking around like you did today, or I'll kick you out of this house" she pushes me hard as my face slams to the ground.

She leaves, disappearing into her room, leaving only Tina and me.

Tina moves towards me kicks me on my stomach. I grunt because of the pain.

"What will you do now, Ellie? You lost something precious to women to an unknown person, who will marry you even if you move out from my home."

"I'll make sure you can't leave a happy life with the one you love" Tina kicks me again and leaves me on the ground disappearing into her room just like her mother.

I cry for a long time on the floor of the living room. I bite my hands to stop the loud sobs that rip through my throat.

When brightness starts to cover the room, I lift myself from the bottom to get started with the shitty day, which I know will be a pain in the ass even before it starts.

I slowly drag my aching body to my room. When I look at the clock on the table beside my bed, it still reads 4 in the morning.

I sigh then flop into the bed to get at least an hour's sleep before getting up. Even though I can't sleep, my body needs rest.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I get up after an hour, I move to get ready to start my day.

This one-hour sleep made my eyes sting, but they are still fluffy. I can hardly open them to look at myself in the mirror because of the crying I did yesterday.

I sigh as I try not to open my eyes and brush my teeth and hop into the shower to get cleaned up.

When I leave the shower, my eyes are a little less swollen now, so I can see clearly now. I look at myself in the mirror.

When I see all the bruises and marks on my naked body, I feel my eyes replenish with fresh tears.

As I start looking at all the marks, my eyes travel from my stomach to my breasts and neck.

I stare at that place for a few seconds as my eyes widen at what I see there.

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Taniko Gordyrose
is english your second language
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Dawn Ledford
Serious editing needs to be done. It is very hard to read at times
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Elisheva Weyers
this really needs to edited... it's hard to read eventhough the story line is interesting

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