Chapter 12

When Riya told me she wanted to talk to me privately I couldn’t express what I was feeling was its fear or hopelessness or both. Both Jack and Susan go silent on us which makes me more nervous about the conversion I’m going to have with Riya. They look at me with concern-filled eyes and gives me an assuring look that calms my heart and mind.

Even though I talked to them today only I feel some type of connection has formed with them I didn't even feel it when I made friends with Katy. It feels like I formed a bond with them in such a short time and knowing someone in here cares for me and my safety. they are there for me behind my back praying for the best for me I can see that in their eyes. Even if my own family was present here they would never care about me as much as these two cared for me at present.

And the irony of this situation is a stranger that I meet today is more worried for me then my own family. And whatever situation I'm currently in is because of som

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Juniorandchelle take 2
grammer... English is not good. storyline is ok, just wish the names of the girl would stay at one. what's her name??
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Sweety Andrews
want to see how her life will be short out
goodnovel comment avatar
Barbara Kay Johnson
cant wait to see what happens next

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