Chapter 16

Don’t worry so much about this to tell you exactly this mark is very important and many covet for this mark and you go this even without trying and once given I can’t be taken by any other person so it may bring danger to you because of jealousy.

Just try to hide the mark and everything will be fine she gives me a reassuring smile to calm me which the job. She handed me the concealer she has in her table drawer to apply for now it was not the correct shade for my skin color she is a little tanned whereas I was a very pale color. But it did the job of covering the mark for now.

Thank god I wore a turtle neck today for class so nobody could see those bruises and marks of yesterday on my body. If everyone has seen the mark on the mark would I be alive right now? A shudder runs through my body at that thought.

I leave the room with many emotions: curiosity, frustration, fear, uncertainty, and anger. What should I do now? This mark can bring danger to my

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Kellie Tawhiti
Im loving the story with its mysterious aura of what and who or how plus chapters are awsumly cheap.....
goodnovel comment avatar
Achiaa Mabel
the chapters are too short
goodnovel comment avatar
Val Hicks
like the way the plot is growing,but it takes me so long to earn the coins that I get a bit disappointed with short chapters

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