Quinn’s point of view

One year later

I was blowing up balloons as I looked around the garden. Today was the twins first birthday party, and we had decided to keep it just family. I set a picnic blanket on the ground and sat a few toys down for Sophie and Asher to play with. I still can’t believe they are one year old already; this year has flown past.

Summer stepped out with her seven month old daughter Melissa. She placed Melissa with the twins and came to help me with the food. Melissa and Sophie were joined at the hip so much so that Melissa cries anytime she is taken away from Sophie. Summer and I think they are going to grow up as close as we did and always be friends. Asher or AJ, as we have taken to calling him to make it less confusing when they are both around, is usually with his uncle Asher. They have a special bond. Asher can’t go anywhere without AJ tagging along.

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Shibanee Pradhan
it's an amazing story. & I love it.
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Loved this book..will there be a sequel?
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read this 3x. I so love this book. just wish we had some POV from the rest of the crew.
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