Chapter 74: The task

"What did they need from the chosen one?" Nwife asked. Offia stood up and looked outside again to see if anyone was coming. He returned and took off the plantation leaves he used to cover his genitals and tried to put the wrapper on his waist just like Nwife tied his. Nwife stood, helped him and they sat down again.

"The neighboring communities want to be sure the wizard is dead, secondly they want his enchanted sword and everything that belongs to him out of this community before they would accept our peace offer. This is where the chosen one comes in."

"Your people should do what they asked of them. It is a very simple task, I thought they were demanding a hundred heads in retaliation for what the wizard did.

"They said the wizard has a cloak. Anyone who touches it dies instantly. Besides; all the magicians who have gone to the cave to check if the wizard is alive or dead did not come out till today. No one knows what is happening inside the cave."

"Wait....wait....wait....were y
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