Chapter 36

"Why have you called me in such an emergency?." Mark started pouring whiskey from the bottle.

SP said, "Let Akhlaq come and then I will talk."

"It's all right." Mark's tone was a little troubled.

"That's the problem with Kabir Dada, man." The SP reassured him by picking a raisin from the dried fruit lying in the plate and putting it in his mouth. At the same time, Akhlaq entered saying hello.

“Sit please. ”They both stood up and greeted him.

After the formalities, the SP came to the point of meaning. "You two have forgotten your plan after that day, but I keep on doing the same thing."

Mark said, "Don't forget, I have full confidence in my leader."

Explaining the details, the SP said, "Anyway, the latest news is that today is Saturday and fortunately the mistress has been in her house since yesterday. She may have stayed at home till evening. We kidnapped her in the afternoon. No, if she tried to go home before then, we wo

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