11. Training


The moment he had that sadistic smirk on his face and cracked his knuckles when he scanned our warriors, I knew he was going to be ruthless. Was it even fair for him to join?

"Alright, everyone! We have the honour of having The Alpha King himself here…" Liam said. I didn’t say anything. Anyone would know who he was, the power that rolled off him was not one that could be ignored. Despite the fact his sexy appearance distracted me from his power, it was ever-present like a darkness around him.

The training grounds were separated into sections for different levels and sessions, as well as different training activities. There was target practice for shooting, with a large wall behind it so we didn’t end up hitting anyone. Then there were the tracks and the training in wolf form area. We also had weapons practice as well as hand-to-hand.

I was the only one who used a staff in human form for both weapon and hand-to-hand training. For hand-to-hand pra

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