"And it's because of the way you run your mouth like tap water made you look ugly more than a gorilla." She insulted before the men could descend on her.


But she was able to run out before they could get to her side.

"F*ck! Those stupid people that Sir Damien called business partners." She groaned and removed her heels to start walking on barefoot.

She almost at her hotel room when she heard two men speaking.

"Okay, are you sure the goods are going to work? What if he check them before leaving?" One of the men said while Kimberly hid herself well from them and continued to hear their conversation.

Someone she was engrossed and she sensed that they must be talking about her boss. And it was finally confirmed when she heard one of them say,

"Damien can't check those goods. We will have to do our best for him not to open it. Anyways, when you guys are sharing the goods, the one with cocaines is at the left.

Be the first to choose the one at the right, okay? And you're going to pay me a huge amount of money for it. I don't know your hatred towards him but I'm happy to be part of this."

"That's okay for now. Who knows someone might hear us. I actually want his business down completely but slowly. He's kind of smart and might play tricks." The man who seem to be the Canadian boss Damien had been waiting for.

"Yeah, let's go back to the meeting. I'm sure he must be dying to see me." The boss laughed and they both walked away.

Kimberly appeared instantly and was about to walk away too but she was called back by them.

She flinched but turned anyway.

"Yes, how may I help you?" She tried not to stammer.

"Uhm, are you one of the staffs here?" One of them asked as he flashed his set of teeth to her.

"No, I'm not. I came with someone for business." She answered.

"Ohh! I mistook you for a staff here. Bye. You look beautiful too. Do you mind if I have your number?"

'F*ck! What's wrong with this man?' She said to herself.

"No! I need to go. My boss need me." She quickly turned to leave.

Kimberly got to her room and sat down on the bed without hesitating.

She looked around with a smile but it ended with a scream when she saw Damien standing in between the curtains.

"What the hell are you doing in my room....Sir Damien?" She shrieked at his sight.

What's he thinking? Did he enter the room by mistake or what? That's not it. His room was different from hers.

Damien kept quiet and sat down on the sofa with his legs crossed.

"You shouldn't be in my room sir." Kimberly tried to gain his attention again but he wasn't looking. She continued, "Me and you in the same room is really awkward." She added.

"Are you afraid that I might rape you?" He finally spoke.

"What!?! You won't even dare.....I mean that can't happen sir. I know you're not a rapist." She calmed herself down.

Damien didn't answer her instead, he put his head on the table and slept off.

Kimberly wondered why he'd be here but since she won't be getting an answer, she slept off in her bed.

It was 6pm, Kimberly woke up but couldn't find Damien in the room again.

'Maybe he's back to his room' She thought.

But she was wrong when Damien came out from the bathroom with his wet hair but thank God he has his bathrobe on with a towel around his neck.

"S..sir, are you trying to seduce me in my own room?" Kimberly asked amused that he had a bath in her own hotel room.

Damien frowned at her question but he answered her. "I don't seduce ladies rather they seduce me to sleep with them or date them."

"Why are you really In my room?"

"Well, some workers are in there to fix the mess in the room. Especially, the bathroom. I was told they will fix the room while they fix the bathroom tomorrow and there's no way I can't sleep without taking a bath! Then, I remembered that I have a crazy secretary that can let me use hers." He answered.

"And you stayed hours in this room......."

"Don't you dare ask any questions again!!" He fired immediately. "No more word from you till we leave fool. We are leaving soon. I canceled my plans to stay longer." He breathed out and that was when they heard a knock.

"Come in." Kimberly ordered.

A staff came in and turned to Damien immediately, "Your room is fixed and we manage to do the bathroom together." She spoke and left with a bow.

"See you tomorrow, Secretary Kim. We are leaving tomorrow." Damien walked out not wanting to her reply.


The next day, Kimberly was ready to leave with his boss when she remembered that she has to tell him what that supplier and Canadian boss said about him.

As soon as she got outside her room. She met her boss too.

"Good morning, Sir." She greeted.

"Save the greeting, Kimberly. There's nothing good about this morning. Anyway, let's go to the business partners maybe they must have come back to their senses."

He walked away from her.

Oh! She's going to face those creepy fools again.


Luckily, Damien met the Canadian boss whose name was Fred Bryan. Gosh! Kimberly could notice his fake smile at her boss. She kept looking and focusing on the supplier who look innocent as ever.

'What a pretense!' She scoffed.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. My workers told me everything and it's too surprising that she's your secretary." Fred pointed to Kimberly before giving her a seductive smile.

"Good to know that. I'm leaving today and I will like to say I'm no longer interested in the goods again. Maybe next time."

"You're no longer what!?" Fred exclaimed.

"Are you that surprised? You shouldn't be. You were supposed to be present yesterday and you know I don't take sh*t! Whatever you're going to say, I don't give a f*ck!" He gave him a scornful look and left Fred to himself.

Kimberly smirked and ran to catch up with him.

"I was about to say something about them. I heard them saying they put some cocaines in some of the goods they'd be giving you."

Damien stopped at Kimberly's word and turned to her.

"What did you just say?" He arched his brows.

But it seems Kimberly has been carried away. She was staring at the man from afar who was holding a pregnant woman's waist.

"Nathan?" She said in shock.

The man she has been looking for.

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