Chapter 52


Feeling much better, since I finally opened up to Tate about how unfair he has been treating me, I climbed out of bed. I was going to be meeting with his mother today and I actually felt excited. Now I could learn of what a Luna even stood for in the pack.

Not that I would be able to do a lot of the things, considering the contract. Although I may be able to get away with some things, as well as even request certain aspects in the revised contract. Really there had only been one major flaw in the contract, but maybe with the revision, other things could change.

My biggest thing was the fact I couldn’t get into his business. I couldn’t protrude into his personal life. It wasn’t that I had a problem with it before, but now he was constantly in my business and I knew nothing about him.

The part about staying out of his room, that didn’t bother me either. Except for the fact he made frequent visits to my room. It really did f

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Bella Jersey
So what up Belle you want something
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I disagree. Think if when Tate found her. Brook would not have handled this situation well at all. She has matured a great deal to be able to have a conversation like this. plus, I can't help but wonder if it is the calm before the storm.
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Sarah Hale
There was nothing to this chapter, your a good writer, do better.

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