Chapter 67


A twig behind me snapped, alerting me that one of the wolves was approaching me. Focusing my attention on the sounds coming from behind me, I tuned out the voices of Chad and his father talking. Whatever they were saying wasn’t that important, at least not to me.

I heard the sound of a dried leaf being crushed, this time a little closer. Not bothering to turn around, I allowed my senses to concentrate on everything around me. I felt the wind gentle, yet just a bit chilly, whip around me like a soothing caress.

There was a change in the atmosphere, I couldn’t exactly explain it, but it felt like it was about to snow. I know it is impossible to legitly smell snow, but I was sure I was smelling it. More or less it was the change in the humidity  It was still early for winter, nevertheless in the Colorado mountains, it wasn’t unheard of to snow during every season.  

It sounded like a few other wolves that were surroundin

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Alisha Griffiths
He will show up and they will kill the whole lot of them, I can feel it!

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