Chapter 82


As much as I wanted to keep kissing her, I knew if I didn’t stop now, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Axel was urging me to set her on the table and claim her right now. It was very tempting. Especially with her legs wrapped around me and her dress riding up to her upper thighs.

Setting her down on the floor, it took more effort than I had just to break the kiss. I had to take a step back and put a bit of distance between us, otherwise, I was going to say the hell with it and not stop. It wasn’t like she seemed to care if I continued, I just couldn’t do her like that without knowing she was giving full consent.

“Why did you stop?” She breathed out.

“Because if I didn’t, I was about to claim you and I don’t know if you would have been okay with it or not.”

“Oh.” She looked down at her dress and smoothed it out, before looking back up at me. “Are you mad at me for pu

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