Chapter 83


That was such a long time ago. All this time he has been looking out for me. The thing is, I didn’t know much at all. All this time I just thought he was being a jerk, only to find out that he was stepping up to fight my battles for me when I couldn’t.

I was at a war within myself to even know what to say. What more did I not know that he has been doing? I felt like if I was going to know, I needed to know in moderation and not all at once. Already I was feeling overwhelmed with everything. I still didn’t even know how I was supposed to act around him.

The dynamics of our relationship has changed so much that I didn’t know what to do. I have seen couples before, each of them acting in different ways. I knew some that would not be very nice to each other and rather demanding, while others were all over each other, barely coming up to breathe. There were also some that you couldn’t even tell they were mated.

Maybe I w

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This, I think, was one of the best chapters so far. I haven’t always been a Tate fan but I think with time, they could work at be happy. I’m rooting for them! Can’t wait for the next update. I love this story!

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