Chapter 15

"How? Paano tayo magsisimula?" tanong ni Lucy kay Luna na preskong preskong nakaupo at nakasandal sa upuan. Luna's eyebrows arched higher than its normal distance from her perfectly sculpted eyelids, indicating that she is about to burst her bad temper again. Her attitude is quite fascinating and mysterious. She is easily annoyed. Divinities are supposed to be calm all the time and mature in the sense of thinking, but I don't know, why Luna is portraying the opposite. She is immature in her reaction.

"Stop insulting me on your mind Vera. I can hear you clearly. Huwag mong subukang sagarin ang temper ko." banta ni Luna while looking at her polished nails. I can feel the moon's immense presence in the room, trying to intimidate us all but Lucy, is an epic destroyer of moods, lagi siyang mukhang hindi naapektuhan ng charm ni Luna. For some reasons, I admire her s

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