Chapter 20: Darren

I get to the office ahead of schedule and wait for my associates phone call.  I pick up when it vibrates and listen carefully, "They were in on it together.  Last night, I decided to go over to Mr. Lemon's house and I watched as the two of them talked, then fucked.  I had a listening device implanted in his house and recorded everything.  Between the recording and the information I have collected, we have them.  There isn't anyone who would side with them."

Practically jumping up and down, I restrain myself and sit down.  "You are wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Just drop by the office later and I will pay you.  Thank you again and I really appreciate it."  I hang up and call Jake.

"It's done.  We have everything we need.  He will drop by the office later today and give me the recordings and paperwork, then we can proceed as planned."  I say happily.

"Good.  That's what I like to hear.  L

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