Chapter 43: Lauryn

I can't believe he just left me sitting here crying.  Of course, I knew I should have never said anything to him, because the minute I did the look on his face told me exactly what I thought it would.  The child means more than I ever would and now that he has one, our relationship will never be the same.

So much for a fairy tale romance and ending.  Now there are complications and I know very well that this will never end well for me.  Knowing this, I should back out now while I still have an ounce of dignity.  Maybe, just maybe I can still keep my job and my parents' house if I keep my head down and pretend I'm not here.  If he doesn't ask for the ring back, I can sell it to pay for the back payments on the mortgage.

Thinking back, I should have realized that this would never be able to work out.  He's a handsome billionaire CEO and I'm me, simply put.  Thing is, I wouldn't have changed any of this for the world.  <

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