Twenty Ninth Meeting

Angela came to a stop outside one of the palace meeting rooms. Edward took a deep breath to steady himself whilst she knocked at the door.

He heard a reply and Angela pushed open the door.

Sitting at the head of the table was the queen of Albion. Edward had seen plenty of photos and videos of her over the years and had heard her voice on broadcast. None of that was good preparation for seeing her in person.

Her blue eyes were a little like Sebastian’s, but felt like they were piercing into him. Her sharp cheekbones only added to the impression. Her crown was perfectly placed on her head and her suit was perfectly ironed.

“Angela, you can leave us,” she said.

Angela bowed her head and left the room.

“You can take a seat,” she said to him.

The table in the meeting room was long and Edward hesitated on where would be the best place to sit. The queen gestured at a chair a few seats away from her. He sat down

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