Falling, Fallen.

Falling, Fallen.

By:  SSM  Completed
Language: English
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Roy Blanche dosen't do love and cares less about how others view him. But a chance encounter with a freshman of his college, Jeremy Dahl, changes everything. Jeremy can evoke the long dormant emotions in Roy and hence Roy has started thinking otherwise. You know it, the feeling of being in love, just beautiful. [Written during my teenage years. Excuse the imperfections. Happy Reading.]

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Finished in one go. Totally the genre of stories I love and good written!
2022-10-02 00:28:38
default avatar
I love this book soo much the author has done an amazing job❤️
2021-01-17 23:44:24
user avatar
I started reading this book in Wattpad and when I say the discontinuation, I almost cried! But here I am! 😂 muahahahahaha😏 I absolutely love it!
2020-11-26 21:23:38
default avatar
Amazing ❤️?
2020-10-21 21:59:44
user avatar
Claudia K. Kaspa
Love this! The cover is so pretty too ♥️
2020-08-17 12:37:47
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Sheryl Allera Florida
just started reading and got hooked , I'm really enjoying it so far..keep up the good work?
2020-07-12 06:25:02
user avatar
Nice story. I love it.
2020-06-16 18:08:30
default avatar
Amanda Peric
Very cute relationships
2021-07-16 14:43:48
76 Chapters
The transparent doors of the bookstore─Lawrence, shut close soundlessly as Jeremy walked out with his baby blue satchel perched on his right shoulder.
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It has been approximately two weeks since the incident at EDEN. Two weeks since Roy could take his mind of regular stress and focus on his hobby─in other words making cocktails. Fourteen days of unwanted break really ruins one's mood. After all, this break kept Roy away from his hobby.The ear stinging sound of the blow dryer irritated Roy to his bones but he needed to dry his hair. Nobody will willingly try to catch a cold in this weather. "Oi man! I am off. Bring in some dinner boxes tonight. Cannot cook. Have to submit a report tomorrow." Ken's loud voice echoed through the apartment before the door shut with a thud.Roy ran a hand through his half dried-half wet hair and turned the dryer off. A freshly washed jeans lay on his bed as Roy did the buttons of his teal coloured shirt, standing in front of his clothing drawers.Those pants might be over worn but still goes with anything.Dressing up for the day, Roy saved a reminder to bring home packed dinner.Ken is the cook of the h
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EDEN's lounge area was nearly quiet─except for the sound of the occasional tapping of fingers─and Monroe and Ken's breathing─as both of them sat busy with their iPhones respectively.The orange-yellowish mini bulbs hung low above the mahogany counter─Roy was currently standing behind. The light grazed the wood with tenderness, the smallest of the lines on it became visible.A tick resounded in the lounge indicating the passing time. A white clock stood among the bottles of various spirits on the shelves right behind Roy. It's position was hardly noticeable to anyone unless it's the employees. Roy's eyes wandered around the lounge, lingering on the French windows. The view outside wasn't good to look at but that's the view Roy had gotten accustomed to. He let his hands rest on the counter and breathed in, his shoulders slumping and tentatively looked at the ingredients for the cocktail he was about to practice-prepare aligned nicely to one side.Sun will be going down soon and this bar
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Tonight─the sky looked clear. Pairs of stars were scattered across the bluish-black sky─creating a widespread halo of twinkling lights.The neon headers of EDEN reflected on the pavement. The street light lamp overlaying it's shadow.Roy stepped out of the entrance of EDEN, nodding at Ricky─the bouncer, who in return flashed a shiny smile.Roy had narrowly escaped from the clutches of his best friends and sneaked out after a little pleading with Sergio─while Monroe and Ken were busy downing shots of tequila and talking with some other classmates they met there.A strong gush of night breeze enveloped Roy's hoodie clad upper body and he stopped, liking the rush of wind. The amount of pedestrians from the sidewalk hadn't lessened either. Guess it's because he left very early today.Stuffing his hands in the pockets of his black pants, Roy trudged past the people to the head of the sidewalk─to the crossing.Roy didn't have to wait long as the lights changed in seconds and along with othe
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Roy's reflection smiled back at him from the mirror, forehead hidden by the messy bed hair and his grey orbs shining with newfound joy.Last night Roy had managed to snag up the number of his beautiful bus stop stranger, Jeremy─by uncertain luck. As he reminisced about the encounter, his heart began pounding and a warmth spread through his bare skin. Wiping the after shower vapor sticking to the mirror, Roy dried himself off, mind fogged with the thoughts of someone named Jeremy."Be there by eleven." Opening the bathroom door, Roy saw a foolishly grinning Ken blocking his way.Roy tsked and pushed past Ken, who was standing blocking the bathroom's door and doing on-spot jogs, the volleyball team Jersey and shorts stretching on Ken's muscular body."I need to go to the cafeteria too." Roy replied before closing the door to his room. Changing into a pair of mint green trousers and black shirt, he combed through his tangles, pushing them back with a thin black hair band. After finishin
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The ear piercing shrieks from the audience stands rattled Jeremy to his core. His breath fell short on witnessing the massive Volleyball court. The splendidly brightened Gym exuded energy. Indeed this was a mindblowing first time experience for Jeremy."Shooketh, aren't ya?" A voice spoke smugly in Jeremy's ear. He turned to the petite lady on his arm smirking triumphantly and also clutching his bicep in a vice grip.Jeremy looked back at the stands, gulping hard. The stands buzzed with an enormous crowd."I guess-" The same hand pulled Jeremy before he could complete his words, past the announcer's table to the Players section. He immediately stiffened and tried his best to free away from the demonic clutches."Don't act like that Jeremy Dahl. The current beauty of the Literature department is dragging you with her. Most guys here think you are a lucky kid." The female voice exclaimed.Jeremy scowled and argued "I swear it Sasha, if any of your admirers come to pick on me from tomorro
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Peering into the blue—green changeable eyes of Jeremy with veiled grief, Roy forced a gulp down his clogged up throat.No matter how hard Roy beckoned his inner self to speak, a storm of misery twisted his stomach.Jeremy on the contrary refused to change his happy expression and firmly waited for Roy to speak.Unable to hold the silence, Sasha cut it off asking—rather enthusiastically "Do you know him Jerry?"Roy's heart throbbed listening to the nickname and his brows creased. The intense emotions running through Roy was indecipherable to others present.Jeremy glanced at his elder sister and replied "Yes. We met at the bus stop and Roy here was persistent to return back a handkerchief—I lend him.""Handkerchief?" Sasha questioned-her ocean blue irises scanning this Roy guy in a strict manner.Seeing, Sasha's penetrating gaze, Roy bit his lips, unable to comprehend a reaction. She stepped forward—with her slender hands on hips.Roy's silence prevailed.Monroe who hasn't spoken anythi
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Rising as victorious with consecutive wins in the last two Sets of all three, Amaryllis Volleyball Team was surrounded by appraisals and cheers. Defeating the team in their domain certainly proved hard for Karlstein.
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Roy had been too preoccupied with thoughts revolving around Jeremy, that he didn't notice his arousal.
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Destiny or not, one thing was final and that is―Roy plans on taking full advantage of their encounter this time.
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