Raindrops [GL]

Raindrops [GL]

By:  ReverseReverie  Completed
Language: English
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[GirlXGirl]- English True or False? Can you prove the ugly rumors wrong if it's actually true? Arisa Gail Valentine made it a mission to keep the evidence of her sexual affairs away from Quinn Blackburn, the new transfer student, and the target of her lust for her senior year. But what if playing with her is not something she used to expect compared to those she had played with? As lies brought them together as well as it can set them apart, will they able to hide the true deception in their hearts? Or let each other erase what was written in their painful past? ... »This is an LGBT-themed story. Read at your own risk.«

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Monster Inn
Satisfying long chapters, Amazing plot, Adorable characters. I'm absolutely in love with your book and characters. Thank you for a wonderful story. looking forward for more stories to come
2023-08-21 12:13:37
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Ansh Marie Toperz
thank you Miss A for this breathtaking novel of yours. I'm gonna read surely Hillary and Khloe's story.
2023-08-20 14:45:46
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Ansh Marie Toperz
super love it..
2023-08-20 01:22:01
user avatar
Elizabeth O'NEAL
great story
2023-01-31 08:24:22
user avatar
very interesting story i loved it. i got to ask when is the half/closer coming out? when. should we expect to see it because i can only see one book on your page. thanks once more for the wonderful book
2023-03-26 01:43:34
44 Chapters
First Kiss
PrologueEmptiness— the feeling of missing something like a deep hole was dug down inside your heart. It will slowly push you to complete oblivion, reeling by morbid darkness that will consume you until all you have left is your own voice to be able to call somebody for help.But is someone willing to take the risk? To let themselves sink by my caged emotions? Imprisoned by an unreal pain that I craved more than a pointless knife piercing me down endlessly. Is someone willing to save me from the monster of my own abnormality?For me, the world seemed like a shadow because life itself is too distracting. It will keep you busy and oblivious of what is beyond your surroundings.... to the point that you will miss almost everything.I wish I could smell the flowers my Mom took care of from all those years— how the fragrance would be like the moment of its first bloom. I wish I could remember how awful the food tasted when my Dad tried to cook for me once upon a dinner. I hope I have a photo
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Second Glance
{'You know those nights when you can't fall asleep? Well, maybe it's because you are awake... in someone else's dream.'}How could I mess up? How could I forget to invite her to our table?With a loud sigh, I turned my head towards the direction of her golden. I watched her laughing at her newfound friends- totally oblivious of all the students who were giving her looks of admiration.I couldn't understand at all. She never glanced at me even once. She was supposed to give her attention to me after I gave her a free taste of my addictive lips. Why isn't it working?I heard my best friend, Hilary, hum playfully beside me. "You're into this cute new piece, huh?" she asked, giving me a goofy grin."Yeah," I admitted without any hesitation. "You should look closer and trust me she's different."She shrugged her shoulder while playing with her food on her plate using her disposable fork. "Yes. I can totally see that, honey... without even looking at her twice. You're practically ogling you
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Third Butterfly
{'Those who do not believe in magic will never find it'}Great.Ever got the feeling that all things seem to shove you away from the one you crave the most? Like all the gates of hell open up to release every class of demon that wants you to get away from the path of heaven?Khloe was really a demon. How did she dare to take my throne next to Quinn?I was very thrilled to meet her in our shared class but this Khloe really had the urge to wreck my mood this very day. Blessed her, I didn't plan to make myself worse from Quinn's point of view, or else I was going to split her nipples apart.Okay, that was so depraved! I really should get my insanity in check!Clicking my tongue in frustration, I observed them across my seat. Khloe whispered something to her, causing my angel to giggle. She slightly tilted her head to give the Captain Bimbo her attention so I was able to see her dimple on her right cheek.It really made my day brighter— like it was a sun rising up from the horizon, even t
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Fourth Lie
Quinn{'Inside all of us is a wild thing'}Orange.That's how she tasted. This morning she tasted more like a honey with a little mint on it. She had this fragrance of a branded perfume from Paris. Sweet yet alluring. And of course, with my eyes closed, I felt like I was soaring up above the ginger sky with my arms open wide on each side.It was the worst feeling, though.Opening my eyes slowly, I found her blue orbs were absence, hiding beneath her long and thick eyelashes while she continued kissing me-hard.Is she hungry?I didn't kiss her back, even though I was the one who ignited the lust resting beyond her stares which she was giving me the whole day. She never caught me observing her from a distance while she was laughing with her friends at their own table. Thanks to my sharp instinct and vigilant eyes, I would turn away my gaze whenever she was about to twirl her head in my direction.I had no doubt about it. She was totally into me and thinking about it made my guts revolt i
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Fifth Night
Quinn{'At my signal, unleash hell!'}"Are you sure you're not going to take my advice?" Risa asked, briefly glanced at me before she focused on the road, turning her car on my way home.She offered me a ride that I refused but she was too stubborn to accept my protest while she towed me away out of the school, minutes before the school ended.And here I was, thankful that I was sitting in her passenger seat as I stared out the window, watching the rain getting stronger in each blink I made. The sound of its fall against the tinted window was like thousands of knives, grazing my heart in isolation. I tried my best not to think about it but this loss reminded me every day- on how the clouds never stopped from crying even if the raindrops already taught me about emptiness.Suddenly, the fast pace of surroundings due to the car's speed slowly halted. I turned my head to look at the driver beside me, realizing that she was now giving me a worried look and found her hand already holding mi
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Sixth Emergency
{'You are more than the choices that you've made. You are more than the sum of your past mistake. You are more than the problems you create.'}Watching my angel walking towards her little home, I couldn't take away the goofy grin on my beautiful face. Even if the drops of the rain were like tears continuously falling down from the dark clouds, it was like a thousand blessings that couldn't seem to bind from the sky to fall on me. I couldn't believe I caught her easily like that. I guess this was a new year with my new pretty doll.Once I was satisfied looking at her fuzzy ass due to the hazy window of my metallic black 2012 Porsche Cayman, I drove away, feeling the luckiest like I was on the top of the two-breasted mountain.I raised my fingers to my lips, remembering how much it was so special. How it was so unique and felt like it was forbiddingly wrong yet it felt goddamn right. I'd never been kissed like that. So gentle and sweet unlike all the previously I had which would usually
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Seventh List
{'Let's find some beautiful place to get lost.'}"Relax, A. We won't get anywhere if you keep on freaking out," Hilary said, looking at me as I paced around my spacious room."Of course, I'm going to freak out," I exclaimed, throwing my arms to emphasize my frustration. "Why is she doing this to us?""For entertainment?" Tiana offered, draping her body over my bed beside Bailey who expectedly didn't care about my well-being. Or maybe she was just pretending to not care at all."I think Tiana is right," Hilary agreed and pulled me by my hands. I sat heavily on the edge of my own bed beside her in defeat."So.... any plan for the party tomorrow?" Bailey asked out of nowhere, causing my already revolted spirit to glare at her.My eyes intensified at her nonchalant manner as I spat out, "I'm freaking out here and you're more concern for my own party."Bailey sat up straight. "Because you're freaking out for nothing," she said before she turned her brunette head to my best friend. "Right,
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Eight Spill
Quinn{'Replace fear of the unknown to curiosity.'}"Khloe," Maggy called. "Why were you talking to Miss Mojo and her Powerpuff girls?"I snorted before I sipped my Mocha Frappuccino. It tasted good but it didn't please me to the extent. And Miss Mojo? Not bad... So Hilary must be Blossom while Tiana was Buttercup and Bailey was Bubbles.Khloe shrugged and then she gave me a suspicious smile. "It was nothing. I just told her to keep her pink underwear in check."I heard James laughed suddenly across our table. His brown eyes lit with amusement as she leaned forward on the table. "Want to plan something wicked for them?"With a frown, I chose to stay quiet, listening silently at their dull conversation. Seemed like Khloe had friends who do nothing but stupid. Boring, lame and unexciting. As long it could divert them, they had no care that they were doing something foolish. Like my oh-so-called friends before, they were just one of the pawns of their own insecurities.Maggy giggled, lea
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Ninth Escape
{'I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night'.}I entered our school building, totally bothered on how could I convince Olivia to agree with our plan. At the same time, my mind was waving with dirty thoughts of what could possibly happen on Sunday afternoon with Quinn alone.Entering into our school main building, the receptionist gave me a half-smile once she recognized me. I tried being nice by giving her my awkward one. I headed to my locker seeing my friends waiting for me there while they talked about whose girls were going to be joining our cheerleading team."Good morning, girls," I greeted, opening my locker, putting the stuff I need for my class in my bag."So did you already come up with a plan?" Hilary asked as she leaned against the wall of lockers.I shook my head 'no' which earned disappointed sighs from them."Hey, horde of dykes!" I heard someone say insultingly so we all turned our heads seeing Timothy sneering at us."What's your problem, Timofreak?
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Tenth Scar
{'The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.'}Sunday afternoon.Sounded like it was just an ordinary day but my mind was constantly begging to submit. It was like all the dirty thoughts I had gathered to my brain formed like a bomb which was set to spark off anytime. It was very odd for me to feel like this. It wasn't the first time for me to be invited over by a beautiful girl but why I was so tense when it came to my angel?Favorably, my recent doll was on the vacation trip with her family so I didn't get to talk to her about the plan. And I still had to think of something that could make her agree that she wasn't my type of girl as I had told Quinn last Thursday. I was hoping that she decides to discharge herself from school or maybe she could forget about all of me once she gets back.But I knew that it was impossible. I never even had a proper break up with her. In fact, I ignored her calls and messages throughout the entire break. Great, ri
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