7: Another dream


 "So what do you think of the Grotto ?" Davina asks, as we are sitting on her bed, clearing off our makeup. "You were really brave, talking to people and you seemed to have fun".

 "It was kind of crazy and I think I got a bit drunk at some point". I answer.

 "Nah it wasn't bad, I kept an eye on you". She giggles. "Poor Casper, he tried so hard getting you fired up to him. Actually a couple of guys did and even one girl I think".

 "Wow, really.. I didn't even notice". I scrunch up my forehead. "I remember seeing that Lefu guy and..". I cut myself of, unable to explain.

 Davina smiles teasingly. "Oh Lefu, he went right to Your knickers didn't he ?"

 "What are you talking about ?"

 "Because you are the colour of a tomato right now". My hands fly to my burning cheeks. "Don't worry, everyone goes through that in the beginning".

 I swallow. "I have no idea what 'that' is. Could it be the red wine ?"

 "Two glasses of red wine and one shot during a whole evening, that won't get even a newbie like you drunk, a tiny bit tipsy at most. Didn't you even notice that we switched to sodas ?" Davina says with a laugh.

 "No I actually didn't". I mumble.

 Davina looks at me. "Hmm I think you are having Your first crush, you are so hooked on Lefu". A smile spread on her lips. "Oh my little girl is growing up and I get to see it". She says very seriously, Breaking down in giggles as I throw a pillow in her face.

 "Don't tease me". I mutter. "I don't know what happened when he looked at me. I never felt like that before inside.. and out in the coat check. He has the bluest eyes I ever saw".

 "Wait what, he looked at you ?" Davina's mouth is hanging open. She looks at me for a moment, then nods. "Well you did look totally hot, but wow it is something special if Lefu himself checked you out". She looks proud, removing the last mascara from my eyes. "You just have to come again then, imagine if you got invited to the balcony ?"

 "Like that would ever happen. But you might be able to talk me into going again. Your friends were really nice". I say laughing and crawl down under the sheets.

 Honestly I need to go again; how could I stay away now ? I need to see him, Lefu, again. Just like I enjoy torturing myself by studying Luca at school, I now feel hungry for another glimpse of Lefu. I once again feel that heat spread inside me. My thoughts going to the raw, hungry gaze his azure blue eyes had sent me, but a pair of warm hazel eyes keeps budding in, and finally I drift off.


 The dream has me back in the forest, on the small hill inside the stone circle. Again I feel the connection, while I sing and move with the trees. It is getting dark faster this time and the colors are disappearing with the sunshine. A new voice mixed with the trees. It comes from the Stones in the circle and as if they were made from vax, they kind of start melting, writing into humanoid shapes. They are whispering to me, unbearable words as they change into living statues. Maybe it should scare me, but it doesn't, I feel calm and happy. I feel that the weird beings are friendly.

 Curiously I walk closer to them, straining to understand what they are saying. I Can understand that they are an important part of this place but I can't understand their whispering words. They slowly pull away and turn back into stone.

 The wood is now completely dark and there isn't a sound to be heard. I suddenly get a feeling of something dangerous moving towards me in the darkness. The energy is so hateful that I feel nauseated and when it split into two distinct beings, coming at me from two sides I feel petrified with fear. Whatever this is, it is out to get me.

 Everything goes quiet and the feeling disappears.

 The wind starts pulling at the tree tops and then two blurry beings step out, one from each side of the woods. I am prepared for this to be the end, but the beings stay outside the stone circle; they didn't seem to be able to step into the protective ring. One of them roared as it paced back and forth, looking for a hole in the barrier. The other one squatted down, hissing as it tried scratching its way into me with claw like nails.

 I was pulled from the dream by Davina shaking me and her worried voice. "What is happening Sol, I almost couldn't wake you".

 "It was just a nightmare, a bad one. What time is it ?" I sit up, trying to shake off the dream.

 "Almost noon".

 "I better get going then. My mom is probably worried that I didn't write to her when we got back from the club". I find my phone checking it. But I only have one message from her, from this morning. 'Morning sweetie, I am leaving for work now, Call me when you wake up. Hugs and kisses mom'.

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