A groan slipped out of Diane’s mouth. Her left leg moved a bit as she struggled to straighten her shoulders. She subconsciously tugged her hands, sensing that they were in some sort of bondage. She let out another groan, this time fluttering her eyes open slowly. Her hazy sight was, however, met with darkness. She blinked twice, glancing around but her gaze met nothing but darkness.

What happened? She wondered, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to remember what happened the night before. With her eyes still shut, an image of her standing in the living room reading Ashley’s text message. She remembered leaving the house and going to a restaurant that looked deserted and out of business. She remembered thinking she would find Ashley there. And she remembered someone hitting her head. The last thing she remembered was blacking out.

Oh God.

Was she kidnapped? She was kidnapped! They freaking kidnapped her!

Did that happen to Ashley too? Maybe that was why she was texting her. Did the s
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