“Why isn’t he healing?” I looked at Grip while his wound is being sutured. My wound was sutured first before his.

We were in a place of reapers specifically the infirmary. I could feel that I’ve been here before I just don’t remember when.

“He’ll heal if you will,” she answered without leaving his eyes on Grip.

Her name was Sham. She got wavy long hair, an oval face, fair skin, sparkling round eyes, turned-up nose, and heart-shaped lips. Her cloak was embroidered with silver. I discovered that the rank of the reapers was determined by the color of their cloak’s embroidery and it indicates the years of them being a reaper. Grip got the highest rank and he was the first-ever reaper and he was followed by Sham.

I furrowed my brows at her. “What do you mean?”

“The marking was complete. It’s a secret every reaper should keep. Marking someone makes a reaper vulnerable. We heal

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