Chapter 109- Cursed Once Again

The chill of the night didn’t bother us whilst we let ourselves be drown into being drunk. The devil witch shoved us into the edge of nowhere after he gets what he wants.

A bite of the cursed child. My mind wanders about what he meant to do with that bite. Alpha Antonio told us that the bite is dangerous. That whatever happen shouldn’t happened in the first place. The bite will only cause destruction, and by giving it to someone like the devil witch, we just like paved the way for him to cause the destruction that he wants.

He is evil. The bite landed into an evil person, making us afraid on what will happen for tomorrow.

“ Let’s drink more,” Beta Xander said as he raise his beer into the air while we are outside of the Gibbous mansion, drinking under the lit of the moon.

I made sure that I had the freedom to come here while my kingdom remains at peace without my presence.  Nothing is telling us that there is danger but

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