There were barking noises all over the place. Four wolves stood in a circle observing the carcass before them. Suddenly, one ran out of the circle and took a big bite out of her. 

Catori woke up with a start. The excruciating pain coming from her left side made it difficult for her to move. The slightest move of a muscle sent intense waves of pain all over her body. The brightness of the sun was too much for her eyes to handle as her lids slowly opened. 

"Don't move," a masculine voice her right commanded. 

As if I can even try, she said in thought. 

She could not even turn to see the stranger. 

"Who are you?" she managed to get out though her voice sounded nothing more than a tiny whisper. There was no response. 

If you want to kill me, you might as well make a little conversation, Catori thought. 

She briefly closed her eyes and when she opened them, there was a face blocking the sun from her face.

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