Eighty four

Catori stood at the window in silence. It had been over week since she had come to stay with Kelvin's family. They had been so welcoming right from the start, especially when his mother heard that she was pregnant. Catori desperately wanted to remember what her boyfriend looked like but come what may, she just could not. Amar had come to see her every single day since the day that she was discharged from the hospital.

'I wonder why my boyfriend hasn't come to see me. What if we broke up before I found out about our baby?' she continued to ask herself. No matter how many times she asked Amar, there was never any concrete answer.

There was a knock on the door and Erica let herself in before Catori could give her the permission to. "Hey. How are you feeling today?" Erica asked her. 

"I think I'm getting better. I vaguely remember who you are now," Catori said. She was unsure of what she just said but all the same, ther

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