Chapter 41 Metallic Fear

“You should stay at the hotel,” Damian turned to the actor without breaking his fast march.

“No way. If help is needed, every pair of hands will count.”


Damian wanted to explain to him that in this weather, with such strong wind, lightning and maybe a huge downpour, it might be too dangerous for Rafał on the set. He wanted to explain to him that as an actor, he should seek shelter for himself and not expose himself to injury. But...

Radosz saw determination in Brylski's eyes. The green flames burned with willpower. Rafał was not the fragile, naïve child or lamb that Damian had thought him to be at the beginning of their acquaintance. Rafał was a strong man with an even stronger will.

On top of that, Brylski was right. If help was needed in securing the plan, every pair of hands would be useful.

“Let's go!” Damian decided.

There was no reason to delay. The wind was so strong

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