After washing Shi Tian and Duan Mei came out of the room as the new day started.

His mother was a little busy refining, so his aunt made breakfast for everyone. After breakfast, Shi Tian played chess with two girls for a while before started practicing martial arts. Nothing unusual happened, the entire day passed swiftly.

Just like this another week passed, Shi Tian didn't go out for an entire week, he practiced during the day while Dual Cultivated with Duan Mei during nights, his cultivation improved swiftly. It reached the first layer of Spirit Master Realm.

Shi Tian practiced many martial arts during this last week, his comprehension power was unmatched, no matter which technique or how difficult the martial art was, he could learn it swiftly.


[Name: Shi Tian]

[Lifespan: 15/105]

[Race: Mortal Human]

[Body: Celestial Yang Physique]

[Cultivation: First Layer of Spirit Master Stage]

[Cultivation Method: Pr

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