The deafening silence is starting to surround us while we are waiting for our order. I didn’t expect Ronald to be there, waiting for me. I wanted to ask him his reason, but my tongue is tied. Besides, I have other agenda the reason I am here. Since his finals has just ended, I want us to start planning or finding that nurse. I want his cooperation. I am desperate to know the truth.

“While we are waiting, let’s talk about something,” I said and seriously looked at him, but he put his elbow on the table and there he leaned his chin like a lazy dog. He was directly staring at me while he’s in that position. I heaved a deep sigh. I need to concentrate even though his eyes are really distracting me.

“I want us to find the nurse,” I finally said. He remained serious, though. He didn’t even flinch from what I said. He was just looking at me and it’s starting to annoy me and at the same time,

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