Chapter 9: Coalition of Animal and Spirit

Knock, knock!’

  Before the door, I ran my eyes around to see anything that could draw in my attention for the moment, but gave up on it, after looking around.

  It seemed like Bright was not contented with the silence from within the Acorn Master's office, so he made to knock on the door, for a second time. And just as he was about to do so, a young-looking man opened the door with a frown, as his head corked out.

  This young man seemed to be around my age. But unlike any other boy from back home, this one had horns on his head like some kind of. . . ram.

  “Young master, Jaiden. We seek an audience with the your father.”

  Furrowing his eyebrows, Jaiden declared, after observing us both, “The Acorn Master is busy right now, and wishes no one disturbs him!”

  Bright's eyes widened. From the look of things, he really revered this arrogant fellow.

  So instead of draggin

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