Chapter 14

Aesthelia found it hard to shift in her sleep as there was something that prevented her from moving and turning over. She snuggled closer to it as she felt the warmth ease the cold. 

Aesthelia's too sleepy to be bothered by whatever it is. Her body was exhausted, and while her eyes were still closed, she tried to recall the events that happened yesterday, thinking that was the reason she felt worn out. 

As she refused to open her eyes, she found herself comfortably wrapped in someone else's embrace. Aesthelia furrowed her eyebrows as she started to let her hands roam around. That's when both of her hands landed on a broad, muscled-stoned chest. 

In an instant, Aesthelia sat up straight with her eyes wide open. She just touched the breathing thing. 

There she was greeted by Gior's sleeping face, and his arms wrapped around Aesthelia's wais

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