Chapter 50: Victory of the Rebels

Well, despite Aesthelia's hearing ability. It feels like she's unable to hear a thing. The screaming, sobbing, and panicking, all of it went muted.

She didn't notice how she couldn't take her eyes off that lifeless body, and it wasn't just anyone. That's the ruler of this empire, the person above anyone on this continent.

Aesthelia's grandfather was also Aesthelia's blood and flesh relative in this world. The smell of blood snapped Aesthelia's attention; the sound came back and it was horrifying.

Everything was in disarray; people were fleeing, and vampires pursued them in order to quench their thirst for blood.

The hunters are at work. Aesthelia knew that those daggers would run out soon, and the situation wasn't good because they were currently outnumbered. Some were already deceased.

They were once feared by vampires, but now it's different. Aesthelia couldn't hide her frustration as she lost her hope, but that didn't last long when a hand grabbed her arms, waking her up into the
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