Chapter 10

Theodore came up with a schedule for my training. Jamira was to work in the morning at my bakery while Theodore taught me how to use my angel powers. I got a few hours to eat, and run errands that I needed to do once the afternoon hit. When it was evening, Jamira taught me my demon powers while Theodore worked. I would train till dinner. Once dinner hits, I’d close the store, eat dinner, clean myself, then go to bed. Jamira made her a spot in the attic on my side of the room. Theodore took some of the profits from the bakery to save up for a bigger place. 

Jamira would teleport me back to my cottage that burned down to train. I still owned the land, even though my family is dead. At first, it was hard to focus without thinking about what happen. As time passed, it got easier. Theodore did the same, thought instead of teleporting there, we flew. He said one day I would fl

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