Queen of Ruin- The Broken Immortals Book Three

Queen of Ruin- The Broken Immortals Book Three

By:  JESSICA WHITE  Completed
Language: English
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For a thousand years, the two most powerful families in the world of witchcraft have been at war. In a bid to end the violence once and for all, they arrange a union between their children, Tessa and Rafik. At a dinner party meant to finalize the marriage negotiations, the ancient feud comes to a bloody end. Young Tessa Mason barely escapes Savannah with her life and is forced into hiding with her twin brother and immortal Viking guardian for ten years until all her enemies are eliminated. At her 23rd birthday celebration, she receives an invitation to study with the best potion maker in the world. When she arrives in England ready to get on with her life, she is confronted by the man who deceived her all those years ago. Sparks fly between these star crossed lovers as Rafik tries his best to make amends to Tessa. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one who wants him to pay for the sins of his past. The most miserable part about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, but they’re all about to discover what a wicked witch Tessa can be. Queen of Ruin is the first book in the Queen of Ruin Series. In this Dark Paranormal Romance and Fantasy series of stories, you’ll meet a cast of broken, but loveable creatures trying their best to save the world. Get Queen of Ruin today and run away with Tessa on her fiery journey through the depths of darkness.

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Hey everyone! I did a major update of my book for every chapter. You’ll have to reinstall it though to read the new content correctly. There are additional chapters added as well.
2021-02-24 17:46:47
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The ticking of the Grandfather clock synced up perfectly to the tapping of Jasper’s shoe against the black-and-white checkered floor until he finally shifted his eyes to the stairs. “Hurry up, Sugar!”After he tousled the dark curls on his head in the mirror, his eyes dropped to Teddy’s reflection. “Will you go drag your sister down here, please? She’s going to be late for her own goddamn birthday party.”From the warm, burgundy wall he leaned on, Teddy pulled his hand from his pocket and pointed his finger gun at his father. “Don’t you worry about a thing, Daddy; I’m on it.”The ting of his fingers bouncing off the cast-iron spindles of the staircase kept time with his shoes sliding across the Oriental runner that led him to Tessa’s room.Her lips made a perfect pout as she slathered on her red lip gloss and shook out her dark, curly hair. “Hell’s Bells! I’ll be dow
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A pageant Queen’s toothy smile appeared on Tessa’s face, and her eyes danced joyfully under her widow’s peak. While she waved and winked at the guests like her father taught her as she crossed the ballroom, she cursed them through her teeth. “I hope you all choke.”Like a strong wind gust on the calmest day, some unseen force pulled at her face and compelled her to look to her left. The Fate’s can be cruel, and when she refused their command, the scorned masters of her universe sent a dull ache to her chest as punishment.With hands balled into fists as she sat down, she tried to resist the whispers from her demon that begged to claim what belonged to her until her father’s voice overrode them. He chuckled against her cheek as he kissed it. “That was fantastic. You’re better than one of those human politicians.”She shuddered with an icy splash of nerves as the pounding in her chest grew stronger. The p
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The humid night air in Savannah offered little relief for Tessa as she stood in the dark corner of the balcony.Held hostage in Rafik’s arms for three songs, her hands still wiggled with a life of their own as she drew a drag of one of her father’s Marlboro’s.A familiar raspy, Norwegian voice came to her ears as he snatched the cigarette from her fingers. “Don’t you know those things will kill you, Tess?”The handsome, blonde man took a puff and handed it back to her as he blew out smoke from the side of his mouth.His ridiculous warning made her roll her eyes as she took another drag. They were both immortal creatures, and the only thing that would ever kill her was a hefty dose of bloody violence. “You first, you old bastard.”A throaty cackle echoed through the street below as she glanced back over and laughed at him while she took in the spectacle of a thousand-year-old Viking in a well-tailored
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The incoming arrival’s whistle pierced through the wobbly reality of the mansion, making way for the brilliant spark to punch through. A foul blast of brimstone swept from the portal then through the calm, checkered foyer, warning all who dwelled there that the fiery twins had returned.A wicked, squealing wind wailed in their ears as the house built up around them again, block by block. When the black-and-white floor rose to meet the slick bottom of her shoes, the breath of life rushed into Tessa’s lungs again. “Move!”She pushed away from Teddy’s grasp, and the clicks of her heels were like a hundred tiny horses galloping across the foyer as she raced to the mirror.While he shook the moist remains of his mist away from his hands, Teddy pointed his finger at his sister. “You know, our parents spent the evening planning your future with that boy, Tessa. For a girl who doesn’t believe in being fated to someone, you sure
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The smoke-filled parlor was sticky with the smell of Haldir’s cigar and more than a few beer bottles littering the card table. Staring down the greatest poker player he ever met, he threw in his stack of money. “So, tell me about Mr. Lover Boy, Tess. He seemed like a sweet kid. What’s his name?”While she examined her hand of cards, she glanced up over them to the blue-eyed immortal. “Well, if you must know, you damn busy body, it’s Rafik Idrissi.”“Idrissi? You got to be shitting me.” While Jasper drew two more and gave them to her, Haldir glared at him. “How in the fuck did this come about?”His disapproving eyes narrowed and warned Haldir to hold his tongue. “Those days are behind us. All those ancient rivalries need to end. It’s in all our best interest to negotiate this thing in good faith.”Her suspicious eyes glanced back and forth between the two of them as Teddy l
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“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” With her hand on her belly, Isabelle rubbed at the little one trying to get her attention while they strolled down Jones Street.The waning moon glowed red in the sky above her as the thunder started in the distance, setting her psychic tendencies abuzz in prickly alarms that rose from her arms.As he peeked behind him to make sure the children were out of earshot, Jasper agreed. “No, I don’t like any of this either, but I don’t believe he would hurt his son’s mate, especially not in his own home.”With the brick mansion of her ancient enemy coming up before them, she rolled her teary eyes away. “She’s too young.”He slid his arm around her and pulled her into his side. “She’s not getting hitched anytime soon, baby. We’re stuck with that smart mouth for at least another decade. Shit! That boy may change his mind about the whole thi
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A whistle soaked in the stench of sulfur fell from the air in the foyer as the black ball of mist spread out like little fingers in every direction. As it faded away, the only thing that remained was Teddy with Tessa tucked tight against him. “I got you. We made it.”The feverish hands tugged at his chest when they balled his shirt in them. A shrill whimper built at the back of Tessa’s throat as her fat bottom lip quivered. “They killed them.”He gritted his teeth and blinked up to the ceiling to halt the sting of tears and hide them from her. They were twin flames, and when one lost control, the other followed along until the spark became an Armageddon.With his hands on her shoulders, he bent down to look into her eyes. “Go grab our bugout bags and meet me right here. Find Momma and Daddy’s too. Go on! Be quick.”When he heard her little feet start beating against the stairs, he rubbed his neck and took a
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The dark mist cleared into the night that surrounded him in little specks of charred coals as Teddy scanned the poorly lit parking lot and the rain poured down over them. “Alright, Tess. We’re here. You’re going to be okay now.”Like he was on the road to deliverance from the nightmare they found themselves immersed in, he staggered across the parking lot towards the emergency department sign. “Third, you’re Sean and Sara Osulf now. Your father is Howard. Sean and Sara Osulf, your father is Howard.”For being so petite, she was like a floppy, wet sack of hundred-pound potatoes the way her limbs flailed around as he walked.He tried to keep hold as he gritted his teeth, then stopped and tossed her up in the air. “It’s okay. I got you. Had to move you around a little; you’re slippery as hell.”The blast of air that beat down on them when they came through the automatic doors splattered her bl
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The bed dipped down as Haldir shoved his knee on it, and he lowered Tessa on the sheet. After he covered her shoulders with the blanket, he glanced at Teddy as he sat on the edge of the bed facing the wall. “Have you been able to reach her yet?”The crushing sensation began in his head and radiated through his body as Teddy’s mind got sucked into a dark room.On the edge of that cliff she always teetered on, Tessa stared over the side as she swung back and forth and hummed out a song he couldn’t place. After he snapped his fingers in front of her, he tapped on her shoulder. “Are you done yet, Tess?”He blinked out of his trance when she didn’t answer him and shook his head no. “I can see her now, but she isn’t ready to talk yet.” His back jerked as he huffed out his mouth and shook his head. “You’re not going to believe this shit, but I think she’s dancing.”Haldir pushed
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In the darkness of the bedroom that surrounded him, Haldir tried to drift off to sleep. Teddy said a spell of protection over the thin, wooden door, but he didn’t trust the warlock’s skill yet.Once he relaxed enough to let his mind wander in the celestial plane, he envisioned Tessa in his mind. Not the little girl that laid beside her brother in the other bed as weak and helpless as the day she was born, but the one she was meant to be.She glowed as bright as the angry sun on the hottest day as she walked through the fields of her enemies and cackled in her witchy way as she laid them all to waste.Dreadful and beautiful, the oldest of warlocks bowed down before Tessa in reverence as they witnessed her carnage. The Queen of Ruin returned, and even the devil himself feared her.He squinted through the flames and black smoke as he followed her and her beasts through the field of war-torn bodies until he noticed a familiar form on horseback in
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