29-Unexpected Visitors

Everyone started shifting and running into battle with the warriors. Killian ordered all untrained women and children to the secure floor for lockdown. 

"Lucy that means you too!" Killian held her shoulders begging her to go to safety. 

"No you need me, I'm your best female fighter. What kind of Luna hides when the fight starts!" 

"fine but stay close to me and Axel at all times!" Killian ordered. 

they shifted and ran towards the fight. There were wolves everywhere. This was no ordinary Rogue attack. This was Alexi, Killian knew he was here for Lucy. Thank the mood goddess he marked her this morning. That would keep her from being marked by Alexi the rogue king. 

They fought and killed so many wolves Astrid thought they made a great team. She hadn't even needed to use any of her abilities, she was faster and stronger than she thought. All that training had paid off. She was startled when the sexy voice of Diesel filtered into her mind.

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