The next hours were quiet. The professor has just discussed the introduction and the course outline of the subject. Then it ended. 

"I guess I'll see you next week, then," the professor said. 

Ethan hurriedly picked up his bag and exited the class. 

"Hey, wait for me," Chrystyn said while running after Ethan. "So, you really did kiss the guy, huh? Troye was it?" 

"I did not kiss him, okay? It was an accident."

"Well, what made it into an accident? I mean, what's the reason?" 

"It's a game of concentration. You need to concentrate for the apple not to fall," said Ethan while they were entering the elevator to go into their next class.

"And then?" Chrystyn asked while she pushed button 1. 

"And then, I was looking at someone, and I lost concentration." 

"Well, maybe you lost concentration because it was love at first sight," Chrystyn said, and then she added, "Was she pretty?" 

Ethan answered, "It's not a she. It's a he." 

Chrystyn's mouth widened, "Oh my!" 

Ethan added, "It's not what you think. He lent me some pants yesterday because it got dirtied, and it was all because of that Troye because he bumped me, and I tripped." 

Chrystyn just stared at Ethan, slowly grinning. 

"I'm not gay." 

"Well, if you say so." 

Ethan glared at her. 

"Well, the city can make you gay," said Chrystyn while laughing as they exited the elevator and went to another building. 

"It does not make any sense; how could the city be a factor of being gay," Ethan said, chuckling. "I think that's the building, Building of Peace."

They went up the building, rode another elevator, and pushed button 3. 

"I believe what you're gonna say because you're my only dear friend here in this university," said Chrystyn. 

Ethan put his right hand into his chest and bowed, just like a knight, "Thank you." Then they laugh about it. 

They entered their room, and as they could see, Troye was there. 

"How unlucky you are to still be classmates with him," Chrystyn whispered. 

"Hundred percent unlucky." 

Ethan made eye contact with Troye, but he shifted his gaze faster than the light. They seated far away from Troye. 

The class has started, and it ended just like that. Same boring discussion every student experiences. Some listened, and some were not. 

It is 5:30 PM. And they're now on their way to leave the university. 

"You think it's too early? Why don't we go to a cafe?" Chrystyn asked. 

"Yeah, sure. But guide me, I do not know where we can find a cafe." 

Chrystyn nodded, "Let's find a cab." 

They arrived at a cafe, and there were quite a lot of people. 

"This cafe, when it's already 6 PM, bands are singing their songs here. It's where singers achieve their dreams, and that is to sing in front of people," Chrystyn said. 

"Well, I can't sing, so I'll just be a customer here." 

"Same," Chrystyn answered while they were laughing. 

They've chosen a spot near the stage, and they're ready to choose their order. 

"What do you want?" Chrystyn said while handing the menu over. 

"I'll be having...Smoked Honey Teriyaki Ribs."

"And for your drinks?" 

"Just cola." 

"Someone here is not drinking alcohol, huh?" Chrystyn said. "I will have the same order as him. But the cola, make it a glass of beer." 

Ethan chuckled, "Well, this cafe you're telling me seems just like a bar now." 

"Yes, it's a cafe in the morning and a bar in the evening. I said 'Cafe' earlier because it's still early, and now it's not," Chrystyn answered while laughing. 

"You got me there." 

A group of guys arrived, bringing instruments. 

Ethan asked, "So, these guys, they're here every day?" 

"Depends, the slots here are tight, you know? Aspiring singers and bands have difficulty in taking a spot in here, and it might be possible for one band to go up here once." 

Their order arrived. The band is starting to make noise.

Ethan picked up the knife and the fork and started cutting the meat out of the ribs. 

"You said you're a farmer. Can you tell me the way you live there?" Chrystyn asked. 

Ethan answered, "You're a city girl. I can understand your curiosity."

Chrystyn nodded as she took a sip of her beer, "You live in a barn?" 

Ethan almost choked in his food. The band started singing.

"No, we do not live in a barn," he answered while smiling. "It's just the same here. A modern house. Everything's modern in there. I wear branded clothes. Not to brag, but it is just that when people hear the word farm, they immediately think that it's those people who can't afford a living." 

Chrystyn nodded, listening thoroughly to what Ethan says as she took a bite of the meat.

"For me, farmers are those that are capable of sustaining themselves. It's those people who know how to work hard for them to live. We're like that, and wealth is just a bonus; it's the fruit of the hard work of my parents." 

"I understand; I assumed too quickly," Chrystyn sat up straight. "Can you show me a picture of your life there?" 

Ethan nodded and rummaged through the gallery in his phone. 

He showed his phone to Chrystyn, and she was left in shock. 

"This is a mansion!" 

"No, it's just a big 5-story house. Anything inside that is modern, and no, we do not keep our sheep inside," Ethan answered. 

Chrystyn laughed at his remark. "You are rich. Can you show me more?" 

Ethan swiped left. 

"Wow, an indoor pool. A playground. Dude, you can buy me. I can bark," Chrystyn said while raising her eyebrows and tried to bark. 

"We have workers here. What I said about taking care of the animals and my sister taking care of the crops? It's a hobby. And we love doing that too. It's also great to help our workers." 

"You have such a great heart, Ethan," Chrystyn said while smiling. "It's great to know someone like you." 

Another band is setting up their equipment. And then they started playing. 

As Ethan took a sip of his cola, his eyes shifted to the man who was setting up the drums. 

"Hot, isn't he?" Chrystyn said while having this eye that tells you I-know-you-think-he's-hot

"No. But he seems familiar." 

"Hm?" then she shifted her gaze towards that man. "Haven't seen him." 

"Yeah, maybe I'm wrong too." 

Then they just sat there waiting for the band to play a song. And they did. 

The song's She Will Be Loved.

Ethan just stared at them. At that man playing drums. He can barely see his face, but he's built handsomely. He's built attractive. 

Chrystyn looks at Ethan, slowly smiling and shaking her head. 

The song ended, and that's where Ethan just shifted his attention to Chrystyn smiling. 

"What?" he asked. 


"You're smiling." 

Chrystyn immediately straightened her face, "Not anymore," and they laughed. 

"I think we should go. It's already 8:00 PM," Chrystyn said.

Then Ethan made wide eyes and said, "I forgot my car at the university." 

"What?! You brought a car?" 

"Yes, and you said we take a cab, so I forgot it." 

"We should go back together." 

"No, it's fine. I can get you a cab so that you can go home safely." 

"Aww, you're so sweet," Chrystyn said while holding his arms. 

They went outside, and Ethan's hailing a cab for Chrystyn. 

"Thanks for this evening," Chrystyn said. "You're one of my best friends now." 

Ethan smiled, "Thanks for sitting beside me, too." 

A taxi stopped right in front of them, and then they bid their goodbyes. 

Ethan noticed that someone was standing beside him. 

"Oh, god!" he said while holding his chest. 

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to startle you," said the man. 

"It's okay, Mr. Jeans," Ethan said, realizing late what he had said. 

"Mr. Jeans, huh?" he smirked. Ethan just brushed his hair. 

"Oh, right. Your jeans!" said Ethan. He added, "You know, I always bring it with me, but right now, I left my car at the university, so I'm going there right now." 

"Well, just give it to me next time." 

Ethan stared at him. His face, down to his neck and his chest. Mr. Jeans cleared his throat, and that made Ethan looked him again on the face. 

"You're the one that played earlier, right?" Ethan asked. "The drummer?" 

"Ah, yes. You watched me?" Mr. Jeans said. 

"Yes, you're good." 

"Well, thanks. I'm good at other things too." 

No one speaks. They just stared right into each other, and Mr. Jeans was biting his lower lip. 

"What's your name?" Ethan asked. 

Mr. Jeans answered, "It's Ch-" 


Ethan looked at the man behind Mr. Jeans and said, "Neil?" 

Then Ethan looked at Mr. Jeans apologetically. Neil approached them, and Mr. Jeans looked at his way too. 

"Hey, there. You going home?" Neil asked. 

"No, I'm still going back to the university to get my car."

Mr. Jeans just stood there like he was not there.

"I'll be going there too. Remember? I live in the dorm." 

"Yeah, sure. Let's go together." 

Ethan eyed Mr. Jeans. He just nodded. 

Neil hailed a cab and went in. Ethan followed after. I did not get to ask his name, again, he thought.

"So, how's the first day of class?" Ethan asked. 

"Well, it's great. I met a girl, and we vibe," Neil said. "It's like we're meant to be," he chuckled. "How about you? You made friends?" 

Ethan answered, "Yeah, we ate there together, in the cafe." 

Neil nodded, "And that man? He's disturbing you?" he asked about Mr. Jeans. 

"Oh, no. He's the one that lent me the pants when I got it dirtied." 

Then they arrived right at the university. Neil paid for the fare. 

"Well, we should go our own separate ways now," Neil said. 

Ethan nodded, "Bye." Then they parted ways. 

Ethan has gone right straight through the parking lot, and it's somewhat dim at the time, but he knows what he's seeing. 

"Is that Troye?" he mumbled. He squinted his eyes and stopped walking. Even though he's far away, he knows just the silhouette of that stupid man. 

"Is he taking a picture? With my car?" He squinted his eye more. And when Troye is about to see him, he hides in one of the cars. 

He looked at him again, but with him still hidden behind the other car. 

And then Troye looked right and left like he was cautious that someone would see him. Then he walked away. 

Ethan immediately went into his car and checked for scratch marks. 

He did not scratch it. He might not even know that it's mine. Why did he take a picture of it? Did he take a selfie with it? 

He entered his car and searched up 'Troye Hamington' on I*******m.

There, Troye just uploaded a new post, and he read, "My dad bought me a new car, but I can't bring it to school." With sad emojis. 

Ethan has never been so confused in his life. 

"Did he just said that my car is his?" Ethan scoffed.

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