Under Secrets (BxB)

Under Secrets (BxB)

By:  Adam Carlos  Completed
Language: English
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Archie was forced to marry Dylan Montgomery to make peace between his homeland, the Promor Empire and the Kingdom of Greavaria. He agreed to marry Dylan but with the secret purpose of avenging the death of his mother, who died in a trap set by Greavaria soldiers during the war. However time passes and due to several things that happened between them, Archie falls in love with Dylan, but for some reason Dylan remains resilient and firm without showing any feeling toward Archie which made him more frustrated, after all Archie was the most desired man by the maidens of Promor. In the end Archie discovers that the woman he had married was actually a man. In desperation to get Dylan to accept him unconditionally, he forces Dylan to accept that he feed his carnal desires on condition that he does not reveal Dylan's true identity to his father and the entire Empire.

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Love the book. Really hoping for new chapters soon!
2022-01-27 12:43:58
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i love it so far♡︎...︎♡︎...︎...︎︎☻︎...︎︎☻︎
2021-10-26 00:11:00
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Kam Crane
What!!, I only read the introduction, and it's promising ...️...
2024-02-08 19:27:43
101 Chapters
The Beginning
A long long time ago, when there were kingdoms, kings, queens, princes and princesses, between the 13th and 14th centuries, there was a very prosperous Kingdom called Greavaria, that was ruled by King Arthur Montgomery.This man was known for his great charisma, wisdom and mercy towards his people and the neighboring kingdoms.As an interesting popular saying goes, behind a great man there is a great woman, beside that great man was a great woman, Queen Magdaleena Montgomery.Although this kingdom was prosperous, like any kingdom, wars were inevitable.In 1317, three years had passed since the war between the Kingdom of Greavaria and the Empire of Promor and, that same year Queen Magdaleena was giving birth, it was a very complicated birth.It was necessary that three midwives had been with her, but because she did not know the sex of the child, she preferred that the only midwife would be her companion, Helena.Finally the child was born, Magdaleena was very happy
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The Past Hurts
"Who are you?" Dylan looked at him up and down.The person he had aimed the sword at was a man. He was Caucasian, weard a nightshirt, pants and a pair of boots. "Are you in a position to ask something?" he looked at the sword he wielded.Suddenly two men appeared behind the man."Watch out!" Dylan pulled him of the way by his arm.Dylan got into a sword fight with the two enemies."Huh! I won't be outdone!" yelled the man Dylan saved.The man also joined the fight.Suddenly Dylan's sword dropped to the ground, he turned back and looked at the sword.Dylan's opponent attacked him with the sword, he dodged and kneed the man in the arm.The sword dropped and Dylan kicked the man in the abdomen.The man took a few steps back, got in a bad way and fell out of the window.Dylan ran to the window and took a peek."Sorry," he saw the man on the floor writhe in pain.Dylan's hood dropped.The man he saved turned back and looked at him.Is
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Falling Apart
"Well... you don't need to know how you feel about your return to the Empire. Focus on wash yourself and resting. After all, later there will be a big banquet to celebrate your return to the Empire."Archie continued to look out the window.Finally they reached the wing of the royal bedchambers."Well… see you later," Archie said.Ian nodded and turned left where the royal escort's quarters were located.Archie turned to the opposite side where the stairs were located. He went upstairs and reached a hallway where there were numerous doors, went to one of them and stopped in front of it. He took the doorknob, sighed and finally opened the door. He opened the door and looked around.The furniture was luxurious and covered with fine gold. In the center was a monumental four-poster bed, half open by curtains. The top of the bed was decorated with four bouquets of white ostrich feathers, a luxury item reserved only for royalty.On the bed was a clothes prepared. Ther
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Visit to Greavaria
Lizha got close to Dylan, "Let's... undress."Dylan got up and began to undress.Lizha helped him.Dylan took off all his clothes with Lizha's help and then went to the bathtub.He got into the bathtub and relaxed against the wall."I'll just organize your clothes, I'll be right back."Dylan nodded and began to wash himself."This outfit on your bed is so beautiful," Lizha picked up the outfit and held it up.The outfit she had taken was a long-sleeved burgundy dress.She put the dress down on the bed and picked up another garment.The piece she had taken was a green colored robe."Wow... Being a princess must be really good...""Lizha!"  Dylan called her impatiently."Ah... Sorry Dylan," Lizha dropped the robe on the bed and went towards Dylan."Can't you bathe on your own?" Lizha bent down and began to wash him."That's what you came with me for..." Dylan chuckled lightly."Probably everything will change when you reveal your id
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Visit to Greavaria: Part II
"Archie..." Ian called him in a low voice.Archie snapped back to reality and noticed that royalty and nobility were looking at him.He knelt down immediately, "I apologize for the rudeness. I was enchanted by the beauty of the Princess of Greavaria and I apologize once again for the rudeness. I am Archie Seaford, the first son of the Emperor of Promor, I come on a courtesy visit to the kingdom. I bring with me some modest gifts such as pieces of gold, cotton cloth, velvet and silk. As well as dried meat, which is one of the best items in the empire. We will be in the kingdom for three days, please take care of me and my entourage ."Ian looked at him sideways.The king burst out laughing, Dylan looked at him sideways in astonishment.Dylan's reaction was the same among the others inside the throne room."Get up Archie Seanford," said the king.Archie did as the king ordered."You will be a great emperor in the future. You have what a ruler needs.""Thank
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Visit to Greavaria: Part III
"You're welcome," Archie forced a smile.Dylan stood up, "If your Imperial Highness allow me, I will go to bed."Archie stood up and bowed, "Thank you so much for your company, your highness.""Have a good night," Dylan cracked a smile."Thank you very much. I wish you a good rest.""Thanks."Dylan left.Archie raised his head as he watched him disappear."Nut!" he sat down.Dylan returned to the castle and headed towards his Bedchamber.He walked in and closed the door."Dylan!" Lizha was putting some clothes in the closet.Dylan threw himself into an armchair."How was your day?" asked Lizha. "Tiring...""I couldn't go to the banquet anymore...""I get it...""So… we didn't have time to talk… Did you manage to think of something?" Lizha kept a cloak in her closet."Not yet... But I'm marrying him...for now..."Lizha stared at him, "Really...? You're a man... And so is he... How are you going to do when it's time to con
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Visit to Greavaria: Part IV
Dylan and Archie remained silent."Well... I'll help the knights to release the horses we're going to use," he said getting up."Oh alright," Dylan forced a smile.Finally Archie got out of the carriage.Dylan watched Archie close the door.Dylan rested a hand on his chest and relaxed against the seat."I'm almost discovered... It was close..."He peeked out the carriage window and saw Archie, there, preparing one of the horses.After five minutes the carriage door opened and it was one of the knights."Your highness, your horse is ready," the knight bowed."Thank you" Dylan said getting up.Dylan got out of the carriage and followed the knight, both were walking towards two horses.  It was where Archie was.His eyes met and they both looked away."Here is your horse, your highness," said the knight, pointing out a brown horse."Thank you," Dylan approached the horse, wanting to climb onto it."Let me help you," Archie said, stepping
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Visit to Greavaria: Part V
The carriage stopped and after a few minutes the  door was opened."Your highness Dylan and your imperial highness Archie, we have already arrived at the castle," the knight bowed."Thank you," Dylan and Archie said simultaneously.Both looked at each other at the same time, not believing they were both in tune.The knight backed away from the entrance, giving way to the royalty.Archie got out of the carriage and held out his hand to help Dylan out.Not that he wanted to be nice, but he should keep up appearances. Dylan didn't hesitate, took his hand as usual. He should also maintain the appearance of a delicate princess, while he was far from it.Finally he got out of the carriage.Both started walking towards the castle entrance.The air between them was heavy, barely heard their footsteps on that concrete floor.Both steps, also in tune.Both felt they should say something, but not because they were attracted to each other, but simp
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Visit to Greavaria: Part VI
An hour later the two entourage from the remaining visiting kingdoms arrived. After all, they also had alliances between them, so it was normal that they would join together for the common purpose.The herald finally made the announcement of the first entourage."I announce the entry of the Lavamore Empire ambassador and his entourage."The doors have been opened.A slightly handsome man, with blond with blue eyes entered. He had some adornments in his hair and a gold earring in each ear. He wore a brown linen shirt, brown pants, boots of the same color, and a sword was slung around his waist.Behind, came a few knights, and farther behind were the servants who brought the offerings.The ambassador walked towards the throne and his eyes met Dylan's.The ambassador's facial expression changed from serious and steady to amazed and surprised at Dylan's beauty.He finally genuflected and introduced himself."I answer by the name of Scott Burkholder. I come on
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Visit to Greavaria: Part VII
Dylan was talking to Najris as if they had known each other for a long time.Suddenly Dorothy appeared.Dorothy lowered herself slightly to the level of Dylan's head."Your Highness. The ambassador of the Lourutor Kingdom has sent me to deliver this," Dorothy spoke in her ear, handing him a small piece of paper.Dylan took the paper without bothering to hide it.He opened it and read the small manuscript.I know your secret.  Meet me on the stairs in the royal quarters, Dylan was reading the paper.Dylan quickly crumpled the paper and got up from the table abruptly, without even asking for permission.He left there and went towards the royal quarters.As he went upstairs he searched for Keith with his eyes.Where is he? He asked himself.Keith suddenly appeared, coming from behind a pillar."Good night beautiful lady!"  Keith stepped in front of Dylan blocking the view.Dylan took a step back."So ambassador... What secret are you
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