I can't lose you

"Someone help, GUARDS," I screamed from the top of my lungs but the defeating silence was the only response I got as I ran towards the doorway of the left wing. 

I stopped running when I caught the horrific sight of guards on the floor with blood pooling around their bodies. There were no other guards in the entire hallway. I had a feeling there were no guards in the palace, if there were, they should have been here by now.

I had to reach the main door and warn the guards outside but the time was not on my side, Lilith must be almost healed by now. 

"There she is," a large man screamed running in my way with a wicked smile on his lips.

I started running but it was of no use as the man shifted into a sandy wolf midway. I was thrown to the ground, there was nothing I could use to defend myself. Just when I thought my end was near a vicious growl fell into my ears and the sandy wolf turned towards the sound but it was too late for him. A large blac

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Juicy Miss
Noooooo!!!! I do wanted Luca to be with Ruhee!

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