I want her

Two weeks had passed.

The icy walls of the palace had witnessed the gruesome sight of the murder of the King, Queen of the werewolf kingdom by Lilith and so many other wolves who were murdered by her to achieve the goal.

I could not say everything went back to normal because the truth was far away from it. Damien was with me but he was not the same after losing his family. He did not only lose his father that day but his mother too, even though Lilith did not feel the same Damien always loved her like his real mother. Lilith was still in the cells, she would not say anything and would barely eat the food, there was regret in her eyes but it was not for her actions it was for her son.

Luca was a whole other story, he was alive only because the dagger did not pierce through his heart but he was unconscious and not healing like he normally should. 

He survived thanks to the Alpha of the crescent pack, he had some contact with the witches who were ki

Day Dreamer

Hello beautiful people,🌹💛 This was the last chapter of 'the dark side of the moon'. The journey of Eleanor and Damien has ended but it is not the end, there will be a second book. I want to thank every one of you for your reads, votes, and comments, I can not tell you how much it means to me. I got a far better response on my first book than I was hoping for. Once again, thank you and take care of yourselves.❤

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Day Dreamer
I am so sorry for the delay but I will start the next book very soon. Thank you everyone for your patience. I can not thank you guys enough for all the reads, comments and votes. You guys are the best ♡
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Dani Udelhofen
when will the 2nd book be coming out and what is the title? I loved this book!
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Tina Goad
How do we know when the 2nd book is out? ready to read it now lol ... ...
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