Chapter VI


Near sunset, Porcius had mounted his steed, and rode along with two others as they did a patrol. They rode to the stone circle they’d visited before, but found no one about. Porcius rode alone over to the lip of the forest, to where they’d seen the altar and where the Picts had died. After a few moments of looking for the slain men, Porcius turned back.

“Huh, not a fly, nothing.”

“What lies beyond these woods, down about the side of this great leg of the forest?” one asked Porcius.

He sipped from his wine flask and shrugged. “I’ve been wondering the same thing, Severus, but I really don’t want to be caught there after dark. I figure when the Legion marches as one, we’ll discover it together, aye?”

The two exchanged a glance before Severus stated, “You must not comprehend the purpose of recon and patrol?”

After a swig, Porcius replied, “I understand just fine, but getting my ass killed for foolish curiosity isn’t in the handbook, is it?”

Severus said smartly, “We’ll ri
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