Behind that mask

Behind that mask

By:  Littlemisspauu  Completed
Language: English
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Growing up, Cindy Anne Lopez had it all. Fortune, prestige school, loving and protective parents. She was the heiress. The first born of the Lopez Clan. But everything changed when she fell in love. At the age of 16, she met Leo Montes. The son of a very dangerous man. She loved him. She was crazy in love. Find out how she will get behind that mask...

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Melanie Weesner
I like this book
2022-10-05 13:51:58
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Maria Rosa
You know it's a good book when you can't stop thinking about what's going to happen next! I love how the Author give justice to each and every character in the story and how the twist of event takes place. This is a well plotted story. Can't wait for the finale of this book. 💟💟💟
2021-01-04 20:25:09
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Love the story!!
2020-10-13 15:27:26
user avatar
Can’t wait to read more!!
2020-09-16 19:05:22
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Omg it's lock. Still thumbs up po wait ko na lang po sa Tagalog version hindi naka lock??
2020-09-07 19:09:26
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Nice story! Galing ng author. More update please❤️
2020-08-24 17:44:07
user avatar
Love this book :9!!!
2020-08-23 22:58:03
default avatar
Pls update more.
2020-08-11 21:45:50
default avatar
Kendra Gilliam
The book is ok
2020-08-20 02:15:04
51 Chapters
Crazy in love
Chapter 1"Cindy sweetheart, please stay away from him. He's not good for you." my mom pleaded.Today's my 17th birthday and my mom keeps asking me to break up with my boyfriend, Leo. Great. Just great."Mommy don't do this to me. You know I love him." I answered.I met Leo last year, my friends and I were at the entrance of the Imperial Ice bar. We got faked ID's and the guard won't let us in. He was looking at me intently and said 'NO minors allowed here'. It was my first time going to a bar. It was just a challenge with my friends but we got busted anyway. A bunch of guys came out and there.. I saw Leo. He was wearing a white shirt, leather jacket and black pants. He looked tipsy but then he smiled and waved at me. "Hija you just turned 17 today, how old is he? 25! Oh my God Cindy. If your Dad finds out about this,--""Find out what?" I almost dropped the dress I was holding.My dad walked in the room."Daddy--I got a low score in my history exam last week. Yeah. But don't worry,
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Is it worth it?
Chapter TwoBefore he can kiss me again. A phone rang. 
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It all starts here
Chapter ThreeDad cancelled our office day. He has an emergency in one of his projects. He looked so worried when I saw him running to his car. "Mom what happened?" I asked. I'm all dressed up. "I'm not sure Hija, but I hope it's not serious." My mom held my hand. "Come on, eat your breakfast. Join your brothers."I first saw Calen. He's my 2nd brother. He's reading a book while drinking his chocolate drink. "Hi Ate!" Calvin smiled at me. He's our youngest. "Let's watch spider man?" He jumped out of his chair and ran to me. He hugged my left leg. He's just 3 years old and he loves spider man. "Finish your pancake first baby." I picked him up and put on his chair. "Yummy." He clapped and dug in his plate. Stef texted me. She told me that Steven will go here today to bring my things and Leo's gift that we left at the condo. "Hija do you want French toast?" Mom asked. "No mommy, I'll just have milk." I answered. I tried to call Leo but he's out of coverage. Oh. I forgot his broke
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Chapter FourMy head hurts. I'm hearing voices but I can't open my eyes. "How is she doc?" I heard my Daddy's voice. "Her vitals are okay. We have to schedule her brain surgery as soon as possible. We lost a lot of blood." What brain surgery? I can't open my mouth. My throat is so dry. Water. I need water."Do it doc. I can't lose my daughter. Please do your best." I heard my Mom cry. What is happening. Where is Leo? I can't hear his voice. My head hurts again. I'm suddenly sleepy. No. Leo. "Wake up baby. Mommy's here." I wanted too Mom, but I couldn't. "Nurse Vicky, prepare for the surgery room and call an anesthesiologist." I heard the voice say.I don't want to sleep but my mind is spinning. I tried remembering what happened. I remember a car crashed. A terrible one. It was the car that Leo rented for us when we landed in Cebu. That is the last thing that I remember, but where is my boyfriend? Leo. --------------------------------------------"Doc it's been eight days since the
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Chapter FiveDad brought three bodyguards with us in the office. I already promised them that I won't run away, but he said it's for our protection. Protection from whom? Am I missing something here? "Cindy, this is Albert Lim, he's my assistant. Albert, I'd like you to meet my only daughter Cindy Anne Lopez." He extended his right hand for a handshake. I accepted it with a smile. I think he's in his mid 20's. He looked nice."Welcome to the company Ms. Cindy." He said while shaking my hand."Thank you Albert." I looked at Dad. "Where's my office?" I asked. He just chuckled. "Albert, please guide Ms. Cindy to her office and tells her job description then follows me to the conference room." He tapped my back and left us in his office."Let's go Ms. Cindy. Please follow me." Albert opened the door. My three bodyguards followed us. Seriously?I rolled my eyes. "Can you guys stay in the lobby? How can I work if you will be following me around?" I crossed my arms. "Ms. Cindy, that's our j
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Chapter SixI woke up inside a white room. It's like a small clinic. I'm wearing a hospital gown. "Mom?" I called. She turned her face to look at me."How are you feeling?" She asked. "Where are we? I'm okay. A little bit dizzy." I answered. "In our company's clinic, Albert already called for an ambulance. We will go to the hospital." She said. She pushed aside some strands of hair away from my eyes. "I'm okay Mom. No need to go to the hospital." I said. "You scared us darling. That's why we are so hesitant to tell you what we found out." She caressed my hand. "I'm so sorry Cindy, I wish to take your pain away. I really do." She hugged me tight. Leo looked so different in the pictures. I saw his smile. It can't reach his eyes. I know my Leo. I really need to talk to him. But I don't know how. "Can we just go home? I just like to rest." I said. The clinic door opens. Dad walked in with a girl in a scrub suit. "Cindy you're awake. Thank God." Dad kissed my forehead. "This is nur
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Bad blood
Chapter Seven I sat down on the yoga mat, focusing on clearing my mind. Inner peace. I need that now more than ever. I've been doing yoga since my first week here in Cali.I miss my family. I hope they come here soon. I'm living inside this big house for four months now. My body guards are here too. They are five now. Dad hired two american ex army here. They're pretty nice. I closed my eyes and did the lotus position. It helps me calm my brain. I practiced more yoga poses, Eric handed my water when he saw me getting up. "Thanks." I said. "Welcome Ms. Cindy." He responded. I'm used to them now. They're always on my back even if I'm just inside the house. They're like my shadow. I sit on the lounge chair, facing the ocean.His face crossed my mind again. I got up and called Clifford, he's one of my american guards. "Let's practice judo again." I said. I'm always doing things whenever I think of him. For distraction. I don't like thinking of him, even hearing his name. "Sure M
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Chapter Eight“Clifford?” I gently pushed his chest. My heart is beating so loud.I saw blood on his arm. “C-clifford, don’t die on me.” I whispered. He’s not moving. I can feel his body weight on me. “I told you to come with me and no one will get hurt. Look what you’ve done.” I heard Leo's cold voice. I turned to him. Eric was laying on the ground too and Leo’s pointing the gun on his head. “Get up now! Or I will kill this one too!” I cried hard. Eric’s not moving too. I checked Clifford’s pulse. He’s still alive.“Cindy get up now!” Leo shouted again.I slowly lay down Clifford. I got up and walked to him. My whole body was trembling in fear. He's still pointing the gun to Eric while extending his hand to me. "Don't hurt h-him." I saw the blood coming out of Eric's leg. "Ms. Cindy, don't go with him." I heard Eric say. He's laying face down. "Oh shut up. My finger is itchy love. Don't make me wait." Leo said and reached for my hand. He pulled me against him. I can smell ci
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Chapter NineI looked at them from afar. Calen was busy reading a book. Carlo was playing with his dog and Calvin was running from his yaya. They looked fine. I took a deep breath and started the engine of my motor bike.Seven years have passed since they last saw me. I left them to my Uncle Alfred. He was also the acting CEO of our company since the day that my father died. I can’t thank him enough for all the help and support that he has done for us. For years, I dedicated my existence for the revenge that I had planned. For years, I didn't get to see my brothers for their safety. For years, I trained well for the day that I will see Leo again. I trained so hard that I forgot that I once loved that monster. That was my biggest mistake. And until now, every night I could see my parents' faces in my dreams. I drove back in our hideout. There were five members in our group. We all got masks to hide our identity. I first saw Eagle training in our makeshift gym. I fixed my mask
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Chapter TenWind blew on my face as I looked up. I'm using a rope and an ascender to climb the building from the 23rd floor to the rooftop.I heard gunshots. "Swing to your right Phoenix!" I heard Centaur said. I did what he said. "Phoenix you're supposed to go down. What the hell are you doing?" Sphinx said. I climbed faster. I'm on the 25th floor now. You can do it Cindy. 5 more floors. "You have the case Sphinx. You can all go but I will stay here to execute my plan." I firmly said. "It's too dangerous here Phoenix. Don't go." Eagle said. I stopped for a moment because of the strong wind. I think the chopper is already on the top It's now or never. "Proceed with the plan b Eagle. See you in Manila." I said then dropped my speaker and mic. I looked up again and concentrated. I hooked my rope in the railing when I reached the rooftop. I peaked to see what's happening. I slowly slid on the big pipes. No one noticed me because they are all busy looking to Leo's father. You
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