Chapter Ten


Alison stood on the breakwater, her gaze fixed on the undulating horizon. Erica had been claimed by the sea only thirty minutes ago, and yet Alison still felt an unending sense of peace.

For a few seconds after she had watched Erica’s frightened face sink beneath the water, something inside her mind cried out in horror, but with a dizzying sense of immediacy the thoughts had been shut out, like a heavy cell door on a prisoner’s desperate scream. Replacing the scream had been this state of pensive emotional equilibrium, excitement building in her stomach as though waiting for a moment to arrive, but not knowing what it would bring.

On the horizon she saw a large shape, it glimmered white even in the dull light. The ship was heading towards the port and her eyes were mesmerised by it.

Her new friend was in her head again, an insistent whisper informing her that she need not be afraid because allies were coming to her aid.

No sooner had she formed a question in her m
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